Savage Melee animation consistency

Savage Melee as a beta powerset was clearly unfinished. It would be great to bring some consistency to its ability animations. As someone who plays a lot for the feel of using abilities, it makes the character pretty unplayable at the moment. There are three components that are currently out of sync for many of the abilities. The character animation, the power FX on the character and enemies, and the resulting damage ticks on enemies. The animation is likely the hardest to change, and the damage ticks are the only change that would have balance implications.

I have only seen up to the level 8 Rending Flurry ability so far but it is the worst offender, playing the Flurry FX on enemies which doesn’t match the animation, and doing only one tick of damage. I have also been told that the Savage Leap power has these issues. I will reply to this to add specifics when I get a chance.

Yeah, same with Rad Armor. This shouln’t be that hard to fix, I’m pretty sure the main issue is just time available. We could use the i25, keep the current ones as alternates (at least those that aren’t clearly placeholders) and then if someone makes new animations, keep the i25 as alternates too, like some vanilla powers did.

Here are the problems I see so far. For the most part it’s that all of these animations do multiple hits, and the FX on enemies match them, but they only do one tick of damage and then a small bleed as all savage melee attacks do.

Savage Strike: Animation+FX is two quick hits, damage is one tick on first hit
Maiming Slash: fine
Vicious Slash: Animation+FX is two big hits, damage is one tick on first hit
Shred: Animation+FX is flurry, damage is one tick
Rending Flurry: Animation is two sweeping punches then spin, FX on enemies is flurry, damage is one tick on first sweep