Self-Defender: Defender Ally Buff self benefits

I’ve been work shopping ways to make defenders feel better a bit lately. Recently in the discord we discussed options like more Max HP for number of team mates, reduced threat level for number of team mates, Placate on debuffs. Eventually we agreed upon a cool concept.

Defenders Allied buffs could effect them by 1/3rd the buff, be unenhancable, and be uneffected by Secondary Effect boosting buffs.

This is to lend more weight to Defenders in the Corr vs Defender argument, gives Buff Heavy defender sets slightly more mitigation, and gives Defender something unique in the same vein that Mastermind can control their pets.

The breakdown power set by power set:

Cold Domination -
Shields give 5 or 7.5 defense to the Defender.
Frostwork gives an extra 200 max health to Defender, unstackable.

Empathy -
Clear Mind gives you an Unstackable 2 or 3 hold and stun protection. Specifically hold. Unstackable
Fortitude gives you a weaker version of the buff, unstackable. Like 10 percent damage, 5 percent to hit, 5 percent Defense.

Force Field -
Shields give 5 or 7.5 defense to the Defender.

Kinetics -
Increase Density provides 2 or 3 Hold and Stun protection to the defender. Unstackable.
Speed Boost provides it’s Recovery buff to the Defender, but only it’s Recovery.

Sonic Resonance -
Resistance Shields give 20 percent base to others and 7.5 or 10 percent to Defender.

Thermal Radiation -
Resistance Shields give 20 percent base to others and 7.5 or 10 percent to Defender.
Forge gives a weaker version to the Defender, unstackable. Like 15 percent damage, 7.5 percent to hit.
Thaw gives 2 to 3 Hold and Stun protection. Unstackable.

Time Manipulation -
Temporal Selection gives a weaker version to the Defender. Like 10 percent damage, 50 percent Regen, 10 percent Recharge.

What are peoples thoughts about this?

  • Yes, I like this concept
  • No, I do not like this concept

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This doesn’t mess with the cottage rule, so I am okay with it.

Having said that, something about speed boost giving recovery to the user bothers me. I am all for giving defenders a bit more, but that may make it so Kin is obsolete on other archetypes. It is just my personal opinion. I am no expert when it comes to the balance of the game.

Well. I can’t really see any other portion of the buff to give them and speed boost does give recovery to the people they buff. They already have Siphon Speed too. They probably don’t want more Movement Speed and we probably can’t give them more Recharge or else it’ll be even more The Meta™. Thus the Recovery portion of the buff is, by default, the portion received by the defender.

I’m not convinced that all the listed powersets need help - Time Manipulation and Kinetics already benefit very heavily from their sets and should have some weakness. The buff-heavy powersets are primarily those that could use some aid in my opinion. I would expect the proposed changes to improve solo capacity a lot since the low-HP buff veteran pets are good targets for triggering the listed buffs, maybe not intended but it is a thing.

Perhaps. I include them since they have abilities that effect allies and are unable to be used on self. Because, hey. You’re giving up a good portion of your own damage already by choosing the AT with a Primary support power set. Even if you’re already choosing a really good power set. I threw them in specifically to lend credence to the concept and to try to apply it to everything.

On top of that, the benefits are small intentionally because those two sets are mostly abilities that effect enemies already and the Defender gains benefits from them as well. A lot of these sets could use the help. Kinetics and Time Manipulation don’t exactly need the help, but I feel leaving them out of it would detract over all for Defenders. I also feel that just because a set is already good, it doesn’t mean it can’t be better. Remember, this is exclusively for Defender. Fire/Kin corruptors ain’t getting the CC protection and the extra recovery. Nor are /Time corruptors getting the extra damage, regen, and recharge.

This is less to buff Power Sets and more to shore up Defender in the never ending argument of Defender vs Corruptor.

I see this as a fairly dramatic change, the concept of these ally buffs is that they are ally only buffs.

I’m not against seeing defenders feel better (I mostly play support sets), of buffing their inherent somehow but this doesn’t feel like a choice live would ever had made.

I’d also like to be sure any buff to defenders being a fairly even buff across the board for powersets, this feels like it would benefit the set the more buffs it has, eg trick arrow might lag even further behind.

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