Simple Cape Pack 02: Preview of More Upcoming Capes

Simple Cape Pack 02 is now ready for testing. 30 new cape designs, ranging from theme specific to abstract geometries that can be more broadly applied.

All have been designed with single shoulder, short, and long capes in mind.

Designs 1-5 (Triangles, Rose Curl, Quizzical, Lilypad, Sakura)

Designs 6-10 (Spiderweb 1, Spiderweb 2, Geode, Crystalline, Rock Slide)

Designs 11-15 (WPA, Art Deco 1, Art Deco 2, Stingray, Pangolin)

Designs 16-20 (Halftone, Impossible Dots, Fur 1, Fur 2, Sheet Music)

Designs 21-25 (Lewitt, Wasp, Gale Force, Tradewinds, Gossamer Strands)

Designs 26-30 (Waterfall, Ink, Button, Flame Tongues, Cleave)

Looking forward to seeing these in game for testing!


Stop Silver! You are making me have all of my characters wear a form of cape eventually. :dizzy_face:

Wait until I move on from capes to other fun stuffs! :smiley:

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