Small Medium's Trades

Brute’s Fury: Dmg/End/Recharge

(Controller) Overpowering Presence: Acc/Control Duration
(Controller) Overpowering Presence: Recharge/Chance for Energy Font

(Corruptor) Scourging Blast: Acc/Dmg/End/Recharge
(Corruptor) Scourging Blast: Recharge/Chance for Minor PBAoE +End, +Health

(Dominator) Dominating Grasp: Acc/Control Duration/End
Ascendency of the Dominator: End/Recharge

Scrapper’s Strike: Acc/Dmg/Recharge

Commmand of the Mastermind: Dmg/End/Recharge

(Soldier of Arachnos) Spider’s Bite: Acc/Dmg

(Stalker) Assassin’s Mark: Dmg/End/Recharge
(Stalker) Assassin’s Mark: Recharge/Chance to Recharge Build Up
Stalker’s Guile: Dmg/Recharge

Might of the Tanker: Dmg/End/Recharge

(Kheldian) Essence Transfer: DER, ADER

I have Kheldian’s Grace: Recharge/Form Empowerment and Kheldian’s Grace: Acc/Dam/Rech, would you do a trade for (Dominator) Dominating Grasp: Acc/Control Duration/End and any other series 2 ATO?

That sounds good. I can log in later tonight, hopefully we can get some trading done.

I have a (Kheldian) Essence Transfer: Acc/Dam/Rech, would you like to trade your (Controller) Overpowering Presence: Acc/Control Duration for that?

(Kheldian) Essence Transfer: Damage/Recharge

Brute’s Fury: Damage/ Recharge

Sound good?

Hi there, do you still have a (Dominator) Dominating Grasp: End/Recharge and would you trade it for a Kheldian’s Grace: ADR ?

I do, and I’d be happy to trade. My in-game handle is @Small Medium. If you catch me online we can set up a trade, or we can do it via email.