Suggestion: Give the site a UX overhaul

I’ve been thinking about this for a while because I want to give back, but can’t commit the time to learning “real” code right now. However, something I CAN do is design work so I cobbled together a little stylesheet (only 149 lines) that lays on top of the one used at and makes the page look like this instead:

I humbly submit it as a suggested redesign for the front page and want to ask if I could maybe give a forum overhaul a try as well.



Thank you for this. We would love to have this overwork done. If you can figure out how to make a similar change for the Discourse forums, by all means. We’re not exactly tethered to this layout.

Neato :smiley:
I’ll message you the parts I have which can be included in a JS file (I did it in greasemonkey so you can probalby just save as a .js then load it).