(TFE) Binds, Macros and useful info

Another borrowed thread. Credit to the original author, Healix.

I have all of my binds/macros and special information saved on Notepad++ so all I have to do is copy/paste into the chat bar. Here are assorted things that I hope will add to the enjoyment of your gameplay!

First off, THIS…


Since the built in font has identical lower case L’s and upper case i’s, it was sometimes hard for me to tell the difference. This has made it so much better.

Go to your fonts folder, usually C:\Windows\Fonts or C:\Winnt\Fonts and find the file “tahoma.TTF”. Select the font then go to the Edit menu and hit Copy.

Now go to your game folder, such as C:\Program Files\City of Heroes. In here, go into the folder “data”… if you don’t have that folder, make it now. Go into that folder and then create a new folder called “fonts” (without the quotes). Right-Click on that folder and hit Paste.

Now go into the folder fonts you just made and right click on “tahoma.TTF” and hit rename. Change the name to “mont_demibold” ,without the quotes.

Now when you launch the game, the default interface font will be replaced with the font tahoma, making it much easier to tell those letters apart. Note that this only applies to the GUI. The text over character heads will not change, that’s a bold version of the same font and thus has a different name.


There are times when I enter a mission and the insp box is in the center of the screen and things look wonked…I hate that!

Resize/move all your stuff around so you have it how you want it.

Go to the chat box and type in:


Press enter.

Go to the chat box and type in:


Press enter.

Go to the chat box and type in:

/Macro Fix “optionload$$wdwload”

Press enter.

A macro button named “Fix” will appear in your power tray. Any time you log in/zone/etc and your UI is all messed up…just click the button and everything will be back to how you like it.

/bind [key] nop (clears a bind from a key)

/stuck (To get unstuck)

/show_bind (shows what commands are bound to that key. )

/neterrorcorrection 1


/neterrorcorrection 2 (For better connection to server)

This next command unloads textures and dynamically refreshes your graphics and sometimes helps with lag. Be aware your screen will wonk out for a sec, but don’t be alarmed…it’s supposed to do that.


A lot of folks have forgotten that there are fly poses that are pretty cool. Here’s the way to change the basic one


/bind w “+forward” (This is BASIC pose that you can always go back to)

/bind w “+forward$$em flypose1” (1 to 4) (For picking one that’s your favorite)

/bind w “+forward$$em flypose1$$e flypose2$$e flypose3$$e flypose4” (This toggles through all four when you hit enter over and over)

flypose1 - Superman style. Arms Forward

flypose2 - Alternate Superman style. Right arm forward. Left Arm curled back. . Right leg bent.

flypose3 - back straight. Arms angle forward and slightly up.

flypose4 - Bach arched up. Arms curled to the side.)

There is a way to create a special custom window to store your macros instead of using trays:

To get started, create a folder called customwindows in your data/ folder, and then create a text file called custom.window in there. Make sure your text editor doesn’t add “.txt” at the end or it won’t work.

Inside custom.window, add this text:

Code: [select]

Window Macros 0 0 200 100

Open 1


“Macros” is going to be the title of the window; the other numbers are position and size (which you can then alter in game, so they don’t matter much). Next time you start the game, this should be in the top left corner:


I always move mine to the right, above my insp window. It will always reset to the left when you log and you’ll have to move it back.

Now you can click the “New Command” button, and that will make a new “Edit Me” button appear. Right-click it, and you can select “Edit Name” or “Edit Command” in order to customize the buttons to do whatever you want, as long as you can put it in a command.

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