(TFE) Build Swap Macro Tutorial

Taken from another forum with the parts not relevant to Rebirth edited out:

This tutorial will show you how to create a macro button for your power bar that changes your build.

For those who don’t know, you can speak to a trainer to set up a new build from level 10. It will reset your powers back to level 1 and you can level up again like a respec but it saves your old build so you can go back to it later.

It’s a bit like having two characters in one. I recommend giving your builds a name to help you remember them. The command uses then number, but a name helps you remember which is which. Your builds are numbered from 1 to 3. You default build is build 1.

You might want to do this because:

  • VEATs literally have branching builds that play very differently. You can swap from a Night Widow to a Fortunata mid-mission.
  • Peacebringers might want to have an all-human build and a tri-form build.
  • One build for enhancement sets and one for Flashback missions using basic IOs that scales down better without losing bonuses.
  • One build for farming and one for general play.
  • A travel build that you switch out of when you arrive at a mission that swaps out your travel power for another attack or defensive skill. (See note about recharge times)
  • Your build has a lot of situational powers - this allows you to change to suit the mission.
  • Solo vs teamed builds - Support archetypes can drop ally-only powers in exchange for more personal damage and then switch back at the press of a button if they need to.
  • You want to roleplay a “Jekyll and Hyde” Empath who switches from passive do-no-harm healy buffbot to rifle-wielding murdertron with a flashy animation in between.

The most basic way of setting this up is:

To create an icon to switch to Build 1, type this in the chat box:

/macro B1 select_build 1

To create an icon to switch to Build 2, type this in the chat box:

/macro B2 select_build 2

This will create icons called B1 and B2 that allow you to click them to change builds. Simple, but not very elegant.

A few caveats:

  • The cooldown is 60 seconds on build swaps, so if you click it prematurely your costume and build will get out of sync.

  • Changing builds detoggles every power and puts everything on cooldown , so be aware of that if you use any long-cooldown buffs etc. This isn’t something you should do in combat or if you use the prestige and T9 powers a lot. Plan ahead.

  • Maintaining multiple builds can be expensive, so it’s not something you should do with your first character at level 10. Wait until you can afford the enhancements.

  • You have to speak to the trainer twice when you level up - once on each build. This is actually pretty cool as it goes from having to pick between two powers to “this goes on my solo build and that goes on my teamed build”.

  • Macros are unique to each build, so you need to set your Build 1 swap macro on Build 2 and vice versa.

Wait, so you can change builds in the field and every 60 seconds? That’s not something I knew at all. I thought you could only do it at a trainer

I thought so too, which is why I was so surprised when I read the original post.
So I went and field tested it before posting it here, and it definitely works on Rebirth!

The original post has some macro_image materials included, but those aren’t something we can do on Rebirth…yet.

This means that my plan to skip second builds to save resources is much less desirable than I had though. It’s just so much work to finish one build, but if it’s actually useful without running to a trainer to change it’s much more worthwhile than I had originally thought

Now I want a bind or macro that changes my build, my trays and my costume all at once :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by trays but the other two are easy enough.

/macro B1 “select_build 1$$cce 1”

/macro B2 “select_build 2$$cce 2”


There’s an old Pb/WS bind that allowed you change form, while also swapping your active trays. So the powers for what form you activate would be switched to your bottom tray with the same macro that changed your form. I could probably figure it out myself eventually.

It still wouldn’t really allow you to use it in combat the way PB/WS can, but at least you could build completely different builds with their own powers and not have to manually switch power trays

(If it’s not clear what I mean, power trays are the things that hold your buttons, I may be using a weird term I’m not sure )

Here’s an example of what I was talking about punch

/bind t “goto_tray 2$$powexec_toggle_on bright nova”

Activates Nova form, and switches to power tray 2.

So you would just need to add in goto_tray#. With # representing which ever tray you wanted to switch to for the build I think. This gives me some really fun ideas

Here’s an example using the macro and turning off either form while changing trays for human form while also activating a power as soon as in human form

/macro Shield “goto_tray 1$$powexec_toggle_off bright nova$$powexec_toggle_off white dwarf$$powexec_name shining shield”