The HatGhost Trading Spot

Tons and tons of ATOs for trade, and tons and tons of enhancements needed! RESPOND TO ME IN DISCORD @HatGhost Cause I’m over there more and check it far more often.

Series 1:
Ascendancy of the Dominator: 1x A/C/E, 3x A/C/E/R, 1x C/R, 2x E/R, 1x R/Proc
Blaster’s Wrath: 1x A/D/E, 2x A/D/R
Brute’s Fury: 1x A/D/R, 2x D/E/R, 1x D/R
Command of the Mastermind: 1x A/D/e/r, 1x A/D/R, 1x D/E, 1x D/E/R
Defender’s Bastion: 2x A/D/E, 1x A/D/E/R, 1x D/E/R, 1x D/R
Dominion of Arachnos: 1x A/D/E/R, 3x A/D/R, 1x R/Proc
Kheldian’s Grace: 1x A/D, 1x A/D/E/R, 1x A/D/R, 1x D/E/R, 1x D/R, 1x R/Form
Malice of the Corruptor: 2x A/D, R/Proc
Might of the Tanker: 1x A/D/E/R, 1x A/D/R
Stalker’s Guile: 1x A/D/E/R, 1x A/D/R, 1x D/E/R, 2x R/Proc

Hecatomb: A/D/R, A/R


Getting the other Scrapper all kitted out with stuff now!
Scrapper’s Strike: D/R, A/D/R, D/E/R, R/Global
Critical Strikes: D/R, R/Proc
Steadfast Protection: Res/End, Res/Def
Impervious Skin: Status/Regen
Titanium Coating: 2x Res/End
Unbreakable Guard: Res/End/Rchg
LotG: Def, Def/Global x2
Miracle: Recov
Numina’s: Regen/Recov
Eradication: A/D/R x2, A/D/E/R x2, Proc x2

Hi. Do you still need Eradication: Acc/Dam/Rech? I could trade you one for a Defender’s Bastion (any I need them all at the moment)

I don’t have anything on your want list but would give you 18MM for this.