The second HatGhost trade thread (cause edit locked on the other)

Dwindling down the list of ATOs for trade, and tons and tons of enhancements needed! RESPOND TO ME IN DISCORD @HatGhost Cause I’m over there more and check it far more often.

Series 1:
Ascendancy of the Dominator: 1x A/C/E, 3x A/C/E/R, 1x C/R, 2x E/R, 1x R/Proc
Blaster’s Wrath: 1x A/D/E, 2x A/D/R
Brute’s Fury: 1x A/D/R, 2x D/E/R, 1x D/R
Command of the Mastermind: 1x A/D/e/r, 1x A/D/R, 1x D/E, 1x D/E/R
Defender’s Bastion: 2x A/D/E, 1x A/D/E/R, 1x D/E/R, 1x D/R
Dominion of Arachnos: 1x A/D/E/R, 3x A/D/R, 1x R/Proc
Kheldian’s Grace: 1x A/D, 1x A/D/E/R, 1x A/D/R, 1x D/E/R, 1x D/R, 1x R/Form
Malice of the Corruptor: 2x A/D, R/Proc
Might of the Tanker: 1x A/D/E/R, 1x A/D/R
Stalker’s Guile: 1x A/D/E/R, 1x A/D/R, 1x D/E/R, 2x R/Proc

Hecatomb: A/D/R, A/R


Getting the other Scrapper all kitted out with stuff now!
Scrapper’s Strike: D/R, A/D/R, D/E/R, R/Global
Critical Strikes: D/R, R/Proc
Unbreakable Guard: Res/End/Rchg
Miracle: Recov
Numina’s: Regen/Recov
Eradication: A/D/R, A/D/E/R, Proc x2