Trouble with Mastermind Minions, must re-summon every zone in/out

I’m noticing that I have dismiss and re-summon my minions every time I zone in and out. Otherwise they do no damage because they consistently miss. Once I dismiss and re summon, problem is fixed. It takes a lot of endurance to summon them and then power them up everytime. So when everyone is ready to go, I have to stand back and wait, dismiss, re-summon, re-power and by then I’m out for endurance and lagging behind the team. Thanks!

So I’ve realized the solution to this problem, it is not a bug.

Solution: Go to Options and on General, the first two tabs, “Auto-accept level changes above by” and the “Auto-accept level changes below by” change those two from the default “Zero”/“0” and slide it all the way to 50, the maximum. That will fix the problems of the minions not zoning in and out properly.


That still sounds like a bug to me.