Update on Pleaides Transfers, Emergency Maintenance

Good evening everyone!

Figured I’d go ahead and give you all an update to the transfer of Pleiades Cluster/Reborn players and their transfer of progress to Rebirth.

After earlier tonight’s “emergency” maintenance, I’m finally ready and able to service the Reborn players and start completing their migration to Rebirth!

What will won’t be transferred?

It’s really easier for me to list what WON’T be migrating from Reborn into Rebirth than list what WILL be moving. So here is a short list of what won’t be moving over to Rebirth:

  • Supergroups and Supergroups Bases
    It was really hard to try merge BOTH supergroups and players into Rebirth. Given the limited time, I opted to only move the players.
  • Taskforces
    If you were in an active Taskforce on the last day of Reborn, that taskforce has been cancelled. (This also includes Mission Architect psuedo "TF"s
  • Arena records
  • Server Friends, Global Ignores
  • Psi-Melee and Force of Will
    I talked about this the other day but generally we still didn’t unlock it here on Rebirth. These are in teh pipeline on the OuroDev build (and our own).
  • E-Mail and Account Bound Items in holding there.
    This is a little tricky to explain but anything tied to Paragon Rewards was generally wiped as your new account status is tied to your Rebirth Account and not character. I will make a pass at trying to balance out.
  • Auction house contents
    Again a bit hard to explain but I couldn’t bring the auction house over to Rebirth. Nor was I able to pull items from the auction house back to the characters. So that is gone too.

As of now, I have serviced EVERY ticket possible and issued forced renames to characters that needed it. (Generally if your character has a .Reborn attached onto the back of it, you have to rename it when you first log in to that character.

If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to support.

Additionally, as a point of information: do note that when requesting to have accounts retrieved, I can easily add the characters from Reborn onto an already existing account on Rebirth. (It is not required to make an account on Rebirth, unless you do not have an account on Rebirth.) However, when this is the case: it is vital that you make sure to name some characters from the accounts to be merged and name the account as well. (You don’t have to name EVERY character in case you got hit with alt-itis, but I do need some to make sure you own the account.)

Good day everyone.

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