Venice Menace's Trading Post

for offer:
(Brute) Unrelenting Fury (A/D)
(Controller) Overpowering Presence (A/C/E)
(Controller) Will of the Controller (A/C/E/R)
(Dominator) Ascendancy of Dominator (R/Chance +DAM)
(Dominator) Ascendancy of Dominator (A/C/E/R)
(Mastermind) Mark of Supremacy (D/E)
(Mastermind) Command of the Mastermind (A/D/E/R)
(Scrapper) Critical Strikes (R/50% Crit proc)
(Stalker) Assassin’s Mark (D/R)
(Stalker) Assassin’s Mark (A/D/R)
Gaussian lvl 21 (chance for buildup)
Sovereign Right lvl 50 (D/E; A)

I am looking for:
Absolute Amazement (any except Chance for ToHit Debuff)
Luck of the Gambler (any)
Aegis (any)
Fury of the Gladiator (any)