VidiotMaps PIGGS Installation Guide

Most people have either used or at least heard about VidiotMaps, a map overlay mod that replaces the CoX in-game maps to facilitate finding exploration badges, history plaques, day job locations, and other zone-relevant features. But the old, EXE-based installation process was wasn’t exactly friendly for non-tech savvy users, which is why now you have the option to install it as a PIGG file instead.


  1. Download the PIGG file from one of these links. Thanks to @Plutocracy for making them a reality.!U1A12QJD!krLzDKK0RA1i9TRejilbfPVcjQFciaEm9AD5V7cV8x8

Note: Regardless of the filename, it does include the pertinent updates for Issue 24.

  1. Now go to your City of Heroes installation folder and copy the downloaded PIGG file into your *\piggs* folder. If you don’t know where your City of Heroes installation is, you can open your CreamSoda/Tequila and look under “Options->Install Path”.

  1. That should be it! Now try it out in-game and enjoy.

If you find any bugs, missing info or just some feedback regarding this VidiotMaps implementation, let us know below (so someone can get it fixed).

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FYI the link says that you have to have a membership to download due to inactivity?

Dropbox link seems fine, though.

Alright, thanks for letting me know! Removed the ufile link and added a mega one instead.