Virgil Tarikoss Strike Force

I have a red side character who needs to do this Strike Force before he hits 20. It is to be the trigger that causes him to change and become a hero.

Broken Chain is my role-play corruptor (fire/dark). A former member of the Legacy Chain, he disagreed with some of their ideas and began delving into forbidden arts. After being stripped of much of his power and kicked out of the Legacy Chain, he decided that if they were going to call him a villain, he would be a villain.

Broken Chain is level 10 at the moment and I would like to hit level 16 or so before taking on the Strike Force. But putting together a Strike Force can take time, so I thought I would put a message here looking to schedule one for September 21st or 22nd. I’m in Alaska and I work nights so I tend to be playing either really early or really late for most people.

Would anyone be interested?

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