Virtue was my one and only home

I just wanted to say hello. I only recently discovered that COH was available on private servers and after some homework I wisely chose Rebirth to be my new home.

My main toons back on Virtue included:
Delicious Jailbait (Healer and Energy Blaster)
SoulCandle (lovely blue fire control)
Pinwheel (Energy Blaster)
Angelic Vendetta (Sword and Shield scrapper)
and others.

I have recreated DJ and SoulCandle so far.

Sooooo happy to be back.!!

Welcome back, fellow Virtue-ite. Hope to see you in-game!

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I was on virtue and grouped a few times with you. I think I used Jade Champion at the time.

I am so excited to have this game back. I don’t show emotion often so I am in a weird place right now.

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Welcome back, Nueman! It is a weird feeling to run the streets of Paragon City again, and reminiscing all the moments. Like when Spank the Tank (I think that was the guy?) rounded up most of Perez Park for lowbies to blast close to the Atlas Park entrance before aggro-cap. So many of those small Virtue-moments.