Warshade looking for input

Recently hit 50 and was hoping for some input on my warshade build.
This is my first planned build, so i am certain i have made quite a few mistakes.
Have built it around some sets and ATOs i already have, since grinding is strictly against my religion.
Am also unsure where to slot the 2 ATO sets, as the suggested builds i have found online all seem to put them into useless powers for the bonuses only.
Noticed that many put 1 ATO set into dark extraction, but since i never did find a reasonably priced DeLorean i have been unable to confirm if it actually affects the pets at all.

Dark nova is blank because the builder does not have both ato sets and i also have a full Annihilation set (targeted aoe) which should probably be worked in there somewhere.

Anyway, this is what i have sofar:


Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Well, a great place to start would be Dechs Kaison’s MF’ing Warshade. Once you’ve read over that, you’ll have a few ideas as to how to handle your slotting in general. For my part, I plan to put one ATO set into my Black Dwarf Mire (since I’ll be using it on cooldown and want that proc going). The other ATO set with the absorb or heal or whatever it was will be going into Stygian Circle to boost further (though it’s probably overkill, gotta play with it).

Best of luck regardless!

Already read that, but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:
Mire seems a poor choice for the ATO as i would think it much better to have mire and dwarf mire on the same cooldown.
Went ahead with the build above and ive noticed my pets hitting for around 60 - 150 where before they were around 50 -60, so it seems like they are getting full benefits from the set.
They have actually managed to take aggro off me when using unbuffed nova once or twice (no slots filled in half my powers).
Think i will be sticking the weaker ATO in essence and the other in one of the form attacks when i respec next.