Weekday Evening Incarnate Raids w/D'Spite (Tue - Fri 8:15pm PDT / 11:15pm EDT / 5:15am CEST) [Ongoing]

General Incarnate trial league forming up weekday nights. Trials run will depend on group makeup, requests will of course be attempted if feasible.

One of these nights will soon be reserved for more advanced things such as harder trials or badge hunting and will likely have entrance requirements such as +2 incarnate shift minimum.

League forms in Pocket D. If logging on after start time and we’ve already started, send a /tell to Tirsada D’Spite to be added mid-run.

Required: Level 50.
Suggested: Complete the Mender Ramiel arc through Ouroboros to unlock the Alpha slot.

Formerly Mon-Fri, but no longer available Mondays with the exception of today (Aug 26).

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Whole slew of brand new 50s joining us so far this week for iTrials. While the large non-shifted percentage kept us to the easier trials, doesn’t mean we didn’t get a lot done!

Monday we wound up with so much damage we went back and took a second BAF to get the Strong & Pretty badge, which finished off the Master of the B.A.F. for many. We then had some rather amusingly bad attempts at Keyes badges.

Tuesday We ran through Lambda, BAF, and Keyes so fast we went ahead and dove Underground. Ended up earning every badge there except the bombs one which was missed due to Speed Boost causing someone to slide past a targetted bomb into another. PUNCH BUG was heard muttering off in a corner “I warned them all, crying out they should visit Null the Gull, but did they listen? NO!” PUNCH managed to recover in time to finish the trial.
  The large number of trials done managed to unlock both Judgement and Interface for the several brand new 50s in attendance that night!

Friday appears to be the target date for Advanced iTrial night, with sights set on TPN as first conquest. Of course, there’s a reset this Friday to turn on 2x xp, but I believe we can get in an attempt before, and hopefully reform after for more shenanigans.

I mean Null the Gull is only right there where we meet up.
Honestly, folks!

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