Welcome to Redditors! Plus Hero Pack Snafu, and talking of Community Projects

COH: Rebirth Community Update - Edition 07/30/2019

Good morning everyone! Sorry if I’ve been quiet these past few days but there were SEVERAL things I was working on. (Plus I had to destress myself from other things, so I was a bit withdrawn.) So welcome to the first of these updates. I’ll try to make them weekly but there may be times I don’t have anything to report. (If that happens, I may still post that there’s nothing to report :smiley:.)


First and foremost, again, welcome to the brand new CoH: Rebirth Community Forums! If you’ve been here from the beginning of my time as Community Head Admin, you know there was a point that I didn’t want forums because Discord was so “dependable”. Then came the three or so takedowns and lockouts and… yeah, that is no longer a thing. So these forums were made. Right now, you will need to make a new FORUM account before you can post an interact. (I know, I know… people want ONE account to log into. I’m working with the developers to see that DOES happen.But it will take time.) Anyway, a LOT of things took place this past weekend. So let’s jump into it.

Game Update #1 Released

First off, what is “Game Update #1”? Well you can read the patch notes for those. In another thread, I’ll explain the nomenclature of handling updates and “Issues”. But in short: BIG game changes are going to be called “Issues”, where smaller patchwork will be called “Game Updates”. Game Updates aren’t tied to Issues, so a single Issue can have several Game Updates.

The major change here is that we’ve listed the second generation of ATOs in the various endgame and reward merit vendors. (You can see the full details in the patch notes linked above.)

Pleaides Shutdown and a Welcome to Pleaides Players

As announced on Monday morning, the server crew has opted to shut down their game server citing low player counts. The GM’s and Database Admins have prepared a backup for Reborn and I am placing it within a separate database. (This does NOT mean you can use your Reborn account on Rebirth! Read on for more details on how we’re handling the transfer.)

One of the FIRST THINGS, I highly recommend to everyone playing on Rebirth now is that you have your launchers point at OUR manifest and not use the link that appears when using the Pleaides version of the manifest. (Their manifest hasn’t been updated in weeks and is several updates behind. If you jumped in IMMEDIATELY after the news and didn’t add our manifest to your launcher, please head over and add https://join.cityofheroesrebirth.com/Manifests/Rebirth.xml to your options.

There’s a guide on our forum that you can use to take you through the steps of putting it on your manifest selector. Be sure to /chanjoin "Rebirth" as that is our global chat community.

As also mentioned on the Pleaides announcement, to transfer characters from your Reborn account, follow this process:

  1. Follow the steps mentioned on the guide entirely and create a game account for yourself (if you do not already have one).
  2. Once done, send a ticket in (as an Account Issue) mentioning: your Rebirth account name, your Reborn account name, and try to name at least one or two characters from the Reborn account. (Please note that if you have a character that shares name, your Rebirth one will be left alone but your Reborn one will be “Generic’d”. A GM can issue a Rename token.)
  3. Please allow a few days for the characters to pop up into your character select screen. (I have to MANUALLY do this and it is a time consuming process.) Once done, all of your characters inf, inventory, costumes, and so on will be transferred to Rebirth HOWEVER, your global friends and server friends list WILL NOT. Same for Supergroups.

CAUTION: Be advised that Rebirth does NOT have Psionic Melee (Psi Melee) or the Force of Will powersets enabled. If a character is transferred over with this powerset, they will be LOCKED. You can keep your character locked and wait for us to enable Psi Melee/Force of Will OR you can additionally request that we respec you out of these powersets. If that is the case, talk with a GM (Either through Discord DM (to Rebirth PPD Drone) or via the ticket system. (This does mean the AE database will NOT be making its way to Rebirth.)

Welcome to Rebirth and we hope that you will enjoy your stay and your game. Be sure to use our forums to make suggestions, guides, and so on. Plus be sure to join us for our first costume contest too!

Game Update #2 Development

Game Update 2 development is now underway! If there’s any pressing issue or other Quality of Life change that you wish to suggest or bring to our attention, PLEASE feel free to suggest it on the Discord (although using the forum is highly recommended for this purpose as to NOT let your idea fall tot he way side. Plutocracy will be along to start the discussion of that in the Dev Corner. (I’m pushing to cook the shortcut menu for difficulty changes to be cooked INTO the game’s server side files as to remove the need for the separate quickchat.mnu file that I passed around as a quick fix.)

Super Pack Snafu

If you were here on Sunday, you were probably around to notice a slight snafu with the issuing of a bonus set of Super Packs that I wanted to give out to everyone. Instead of it being available on one character per account that was last logged into, it ended up going … really, really wide. Needless to say, a LOT more packs of Super Pack: Heroes and Villans and Super Pack: Rogues and Vigilantes were given out than intended. I’m working on a fix for this situation but I do NOT want to hand out as many packs like that again. Once I have a solution ready, I’ll deploy it and let you know of the results. (In short, no I won’t be able to give out 300 packs to everyone like that on an individual basis.) Needless to say, I’m not going to penalize anyone by having their packs contents removed. The affected individuals have been more than willing to trade fairly rather than pigeonhole the market unfairly.

Community Projects

Well, let’s talk about these big projects. There are three BIG ones that are going to be started:

  1. Coding - Well, as evidenced in Game Update #1, we’re officially starting to branch out on own and making large changes to the code on our own. These changes and this team won’t conflict with Volume 2 development (rest assured: we’re still contributing to OuroDev’s efforts and will be documenting the changes). We’ve also installed an internal git for testing and will be spinning up a separate shard for testing soon.
  2. Wiki - Right now, a lot of times that we look up anything involving the I24 data, we use Paragon Wiki to provide the information or the relevant COH Fandom/Wikia. Lately however, those servers seem to buckle under the pressure of being slammed with activity and the like. Last week, I had our web developer install a Wiki for us to use as our own reference site. We’re in the middle of skinning it up now but once it’s ready, we’re going to need writers and researchers. If you think you’re up for the tasks, feel free to let someone know on the community Discord.
  3. Forums - Well, you’re using those :smiley: We’re looking for more content to be placed it and will gently nudge everyone’s involvement here. The reason being is that Discord moves WAY too quickly. And also a lot of “good” gets lost in the background. As I mentioned, I’m actively working in tying both the forum account AND the game account together so that it is ONE login and not too (or at least united in someway).

Additional features coming to forums plus more community events

I will be placing the Weekly Strike Targets up here publicly soon. This information has been made available to me for the longest but haven’t had a chance to sit down and post it up. If you would like to suggest a community event for us, by all means send a suggestion on by. And we’ll look into how feasible it is. :smiley:

With that, have a happy Monday. I’ll update you guys throughout the week. Happy hunting all.

-GM retched

PS > With the Pleaides add on to the database, I have to postpone my “data/analytics” project and infographic. But only by about a day or two, shouldn’t be long.