What is your favorite part about being a Tanker?

I have been making a bunch of low level heroes lately and am trying to think of one to focus on. I am interested in Tankers, but never got one to a high level.

For those of you who have more experience with using Tankers, what is your favorite part about using those characters? How does it feel to play as a high level Tanker when compared to your other characters?


A lot of people give tankers flak for being “outdated” compared to brutes which I find really unfair.

My favorite part of being a tanker is that of course you are the meat shield, but part of your job is also herding/controlling the enemy groups. Things go a lot smoother if you can keep everyone in a tight aoe range for your party members. The inherent punch-taunt is a great concept, the extra HP is always helpful, and bruising is often overlooked but still useful.

As a high level tanker you will never want to solo obviously, your dps is always sub-optimal, but the ability to go toe-to-toe and talk and alpha that would one-shot a teammate is always empowering.


Best part of being a tanker is being a tanker :slight_smile:
I love the idea of having lots of NPC’s pounding away at me doing almost no damage to me…
Tanks unfortunately are rather useless until mid late 30’s levels until then its a hard grind…
And as mentioned they just do not have great DPS so even though that +4 Boss or AV might not be able to kill you… odds are you wont be able to kill them either even at lvl 50…

Tanks lost a lot of their glory i feel personally around when Going Rouge came out… but they are still fun to play if you like to herd.

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Do tankers herd better than brutes?

the aoe punchvoke helps for sure, but any damage aura can do the job too

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I enjoy playing a tank sometimes because agro management is fun, and outside of fully developed toons tanks do it better than anyone.

You get your defense set sooner. You don’t have to think about fury. Your only concern is keeping your team alive so they can do what they do best.

Every time a brute has to taunt a few runners that’s time he could have been smashing faces.

A brute can fill the role. Some scrappers and stalkers can. Warshades and Peacebringers can. Heck even some masterminds can. But no body does it better than a tank

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About the only current advantage nowadays is the fact that every attack on the tank is a single target and some times mini AOE taunt… so even hitting a npc with brawl (as long as it hits) can taunt them to you and off a team mate

One thing not really mentioned yet is that usually for me it’s the tank that everyone follows, so it’s the tank that determines where the team goes and how fast the team moves. I did an ITF recently where the only damage sponge was a brute and about half way I started leading into the groups with my sonic troller because I’m used to being a tank and the brute seemed scared to take damage.


Yeah, playing on one of my non-tanker alts can be painful if the designated “tank” doesn’t want to engage first.

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I am enjoying my tank so far, but I am still a low level. Hopefully it isn’t too hard to learn how to heard stuff. Leading a team may be hard if I have never done the task force before.

Herding is fun. Grouping up as many foes as you can and sitting there tanking all that damage like it tickles. I miss the days in the earlier issues where you could herd a whole map with Taunt (literally).
But yeah, that, along with a great build to not die and kill everything.
Mixed with a good farm or even just teaming with others and running a good TF or end game content.
Best feeling.

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Being AFK proof is also fun. If the kids are up and about I generally prefer to play my tanker, as I can be in a room full of baddies with them all beating on me and walk away if necessary. Pick the child up, kiss the boo-boo, interrupt the fight, whatever, and come back to the computer when RL lets me and I’m probably still fine. Everyone’s nicely grouped around me, steaming mad, waiting for me to hit an AOE.

Tanking for a team to me is an extension of the skills I learned as a defender. Keep the team alive. If someone’s getting hurt, pull what’s trying to kill them off. It’s more heads up than playing my empath who jumps when health bars twitch, but many of the skills transfer.


@LadyMage, I have the same thoughts. Being a tanker (after a set level) is a relaxed experience. No frantic scanning of the team bar, clicking through mobs for optimal targets, etc. Just run in, hit taunt and enjoy the ride. And I find playing a tanker in a team is great fun, it’s enjoyable to grab hold of a bunch of mobs, grt them all mad at you and then lure them into the trap your team has created. This is a level of planning that tank-less teams don’t have

Yes! There is something about pulling mobs off others that fits the personas of my tankers. They often tend to be characters that look out for others. Big Zoot being the ultimate tanker in my roster, always looking out and caring for the little guy.

It gives me joy when characters play like their concepts or their RP personalities!

I love being the first into a mob, taunting the mob or two nearby, scrolling out and seeing myself standing strong in a sea of enemies. Then the blaster or troller drops their AOE and the mobs fall. Rinse and repeat.

The best of being a Tank is being the Tank it’s that simple.

I come from the original game I4 to shutdown. My 1 and only 50 was an INV/SS tank which I am rebuilding here from memory. I could take on just about anything at lvl 50 without worry of dying. I racked up the debt badges getting there because I played solo at times, not always a good thing for a tank at certain levels, but it was still fun.

I stood toe to toe with AV while the team I was on cleaned up a second group that was close by. I could beat it but I stood there and battle it until the cavalry arrived and we took the AV out.

Other memory was during Halloween event when Jack of Irons could be found in one of the zones, the name escapes now, but I came across him beating on a full team of lower level toons who were not doing well. I gave them a hand by jumping in and keeping his attention while they took him down.

I was taught by a great Tanker for the time and I try to pay it forward if I can.