Which Paragon Reward Pet Did You Pick?

One of the things we can use our reward tokens on gives us a choice between two different types of pets. Both follow you and die really easily. One buffs your defense by 3% and recovery by 1.75%. The other buffs your damage by 3% and damage resistance by 5%.

Which pet did you pick and why?

I usually pick the Shield version (defense/recovery) on stuff that already does good damage, and the Power version (damage/resistance) on things that could use a little boost. Realistically I’d say 90% of my characters take the Shield, that recovery is always nice! The downside is that you can’t have the 10% leprechaun at the same time, so by the time I’ve had to summon it for the third time in the same door mission, I just switch to the leprechaun…

Here’s a link for anyone interested: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Paragon_Rewards_Powers just scroll down to the Combat-Buff pets section.

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Fun thing about the leprechaun: once you summon it and then zone somewhere else, the buff remains on you until you log out or have to be rezzed… including when you summon a different pet!

This means that 1.) you don’t have to resummon it every time you enter a mission, and 2.) you can use the Fragile Buffer more often. Please note that you must enter a new zone in order for the inf bonus to be locked in; otherwise, summoning the Buffer will replace the leprechaun bonus.

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