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TEST SERVER - As of March 7, 2021 - Ri1
« on: March 09, 2021, 10:29:00 pm »

Dark Composition
    - Howling Twilight: Corrected recharge time to match Corruptor and Defender values.

Atmospheric Composition
    -Gale Winds: This power now has a 100% chance to disorient foes with a Mag 2 stun.  The stun duration has been increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.

Reconstructive Healing
    -Pain Absorption: This power now grants Toxic damage resistance for 60 seconds.  The Toxic resistance can stack with multiple applications.

Temporal Composition

    -Practiced Brawler: Updated this power to use the i25 sound FX files.


Halloween Pack:

    The Paragon 2012 Halloween Pack has finally started playing nice with Rebirth's backend code. We have activated the full pack for your usage and a final pass of testing on PTS.

Fashion Gloves & Boots:

    This gem from Paragon's final days has now been activated on female models in the costume creator. There should be tight and flared models available at the bottom of your glove and boots menus, each with two textures.

Cape Packs 1 & 2 bug fix:

    - BUGFIX: All 45 new cape patterns should now be
      available as intended on all 3 player models.

Emblem Pack 1 revisions:

    Multiple emblems have had slight graphic revisions to change how high up they fall on the character models. Most changes are very subtle, but intended to register center of Male -> Chest Pattern -> Emblem Square

    Star 20 (Rainbow) has been reworked to increase the size of the central baked in rainbow colored star. (Long live Rainbow Brite!)

Glove Diversification Phase 1 updates

    - BUGFIX: Male -> Right Glove -> Plant With Leaves:
      Duplicate entries and 1 broken texture cleaned up.

    - BUGFIX: Female -> Right Glove -> Cloud Glove
      Metallic: Should now call in correct geometry

    - Proliferation: Glove diversification entries have
      been proliferated to jackets, trench coats, shirts,
      and robes replacing existing entries of identical
      gloves. Prior tolerance for clipping has been
      used as a guide in this proliferation.

Enemy Costume Bugfixes:

    - BUGFIX: Vahzilok Cadaver & Abomination boots and gloves
      should once again be properly colored

    - BUGFIX: Carnie Illusionists & Master Illusionists should no
       longer present green disembodied boots

    - BUGFIX: Arcana Staff & Vorpal Sword should no longer
       present green disembodied boots

Character Selection Slots Bugfix:

    -BUGFIX: The character selection page should no longer hide characters on page 5-8.  This was due to the file that saves your char slot placements having duplicate values.

Notes as per Xerephus, SilverAgeFan, FarmTank
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