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PTS (test server) July 4, 2022 - Ri4
« on: July 04, 2022, 04:23:03 pm »

Cel Shading:

- Fans of the graphic rendering style, cel shading, can rejoice!  We have introduced cel shading into the graphic options.  To use it simply navigate to Menu, Options, Graphics and Audio, (enable) Experimental Graphics Settings, and (enable) Cel Shader.  This is a port of the SCoRE Cel Shader feature.

High Contrast (Character Menus):

- If you've ever found the Character Creator and Character Management windows hard to read this option is for you.  High Contrast option is now available that flattens the texture of some of the games interface buttons.  For now this only affects the costume management screens.  The setting can be enabled under Menu > Options > Graphics and Audio > Top Section > High Contrast.  (We will be adding help text in the next update).

Savage Melee FX:

- We've finished Savage Melee animations and pfx!


Trick Arrow Revamp:

- Flash Arrow and EMP Arrow can now light the oil slick from Oil Slick Arrow. This further leans into the synergy theme, and resolves a long-standing oddity of one of the set's signature features not being accessible unless paired with particular origins or other sets.
- Float text has been added for the Dazzled, Acid Burn, and Disrupted synergy effects. We are seeking feedback on whether the messages from this change feel like too much visual clutter or not.
- Targets in a burning oil slick that are taking bonus damage from the Glue Arrow synergy are now marked by having an extra fire FX on them (in addition to the base fire hit FX that was restored with this patch).
- Flash Arrow, Oil Slick Arrow, and EMP Arrow can now be slotted for range like the rest of the set.


Bug fixes:

- Fixed an issue that caused the original Bright Nova powers to disappear from the enhancement window.

- Fixed several problems with the Assault Rifle snipe power (this also affects the Military Assault version):
  = Removed erroneous firing FX delay when regular snipe is activated with weapon not previously drawn.
  = Quicksnipe animation will no longer incorrectly redraw the rifle before and after the attack even if it is already drawn.
  = Fixed the massive disconnect between animation length, hitframe timing, and activation time on quicksnipe (all three of which were broken) that allowed a follow-up attack to finish before the snipe even went off.
  =The corrected activation time for quicksnipe is now 1.33s instead of 0.67s, to match the fixed animation time and bring the attack in line with other quicksnipes - this should never have been this impossibly short to begin with and was part of what was responsible for the previous issue.

- Martial Assault's Masterful Throw is now correctly typed as a lethal attack rather than negative.
- Masterminds were previously overlooked in the fix to make the resistance buff in Nature Affinity's Wild Growth power not resistable - this has been corrected.
- The bright and dark versions of the FX for Radiation Blast's Neutron Bomb now properly sync with the sped-up animation.
- Trick Arrow's Flash Arrow will no longer erroneously display arrow FX stuck into every target hit.
- The missing fire hit FX for targets caught in a burning oil slick has been restored.
- Kinetic Melee's Burst can now correctly slot knockback sets.
- Tanker/brute Arctic Mastery's Chilblain and Block of Ice can now correctly slot slow enhancements and sets.
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