Author Topic: PTS Patch Notes - Feb 2, 2023 (Test Server) - Ri5  (Read 1008 times)


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PTS Patch Notes - Feb 2, 2023 (Test Server) - Ri5
« on: February 02, 2023, 09:53:32 pm »
Synapse Task Force:
- Added new visual transition for teleport in final fight
- Captions now last longer for readability
- Waypoint in mission 4 will no longer try to lead you back out of the cutscene room
- Fixed Rage side effects so they are properly delayed after initial exposure
- Rage side effects will no longer stack more times than they are supposed to
- Chances for periodic Rage side effects will now properly continue for the duration of the task force instead of often stopping completely
Apparently now broken in a different way instead, will be fixed.
Other Changes:
- Null the Gull can now disable/enable travel and/or origin pool pop trays This is currently non-functional due to a bug and will be fixed in a future patch
- The Peacebringer flight popup tray is now associated with Null's ability to disable/enable Kheldian popup trays
- Teleport IO sets and Universal Travel IO sets now offer the same range enhancement percentage boost as other travel enhancements (schedule A instead of schedule B)
- Stone Armor, Mud Pots now includes a small -Fly effect
- Hover fly protection has been reduced from 4 to 2. Two standard -flight attacks hits will cause you to drop. This offsets Hover's new stackability with other flight powers and newly introduced flight protections.
- Afterburner now has a flight protection of 2 points

Bug Fixes:
- Teleport attack powers (e.g. Blink) and forced move attack powers (e.g. Jump Kick) should now be more reliable in moving you to the target point
- Jump Kick now has a tighter burst of movement to prevent speed bonus momentarily lingering after the movement finishes
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