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Critical Temperature
« on: March 15, 2023, 09:31:10 am »

Name: Critical Temperature
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Tanker
Alignment: Villain
Title: Spetsnaz's Radioactive Agent
Battlecry / Catchphrase: Termination protocols activated.

Primary Powerset: Fiery Aura
Secondary Powerset: Radiation Melee
Tertiary Powerset: Gadgetry
Epic Powerset: Pyre Mastery

Secret Identity: Yuri Kazankov
Affiliations: Spetsnaz, Arachnos (temporary)
Day Jobs: Web Weaver, Black Ops
Other Nicknames: N/A


Yuri Kazankov was a former Spetsnaz soldier that had went through a special training program that was kept secret from the outside world. Doctors augmented his body with a resilient endoskeleton and a type of Praetorian armor that the Spetsnaz reverse engineered after the 5th Column smuggled it into a warehouse in which the Spetsnaz commandos raided and took off with this technology along with other important technological advances that the 5th Column's army acquired. As one of the Spetsnaz's highly advanced killing machines, he was built with a threat repulsion system and an energy conversion pack inside his augmented body. Bold in his superior officer's arrogance, Yuri was sent to the Rogue Isles on a secret mission in an attempt to eradicate Arachnos from the inside.

How Yuri got into the Spetsnaz was that he was able to fully repair a broken down Russian tank from World War 2 known as a JS-2 as well as make some modifications to it by mounting a flamethrower near its main cannon which increased its effectiveness in battle. Yuri enjoyed the life of a Spetsnaz soldier when it came to protecting his country from foreign threats until he signed up for a training program that little did he know would involve experimentation in implementing cybernetics into its own soldiers. Yuri Kazankov was one of those people.

For days on end, Yuri's body was being continuously augmented with radioactive components and titanium plating that looked similar to the Praetorian Clockwork's design. After days of working on Yuri's perfected body, his emotions and free will was wiped out from his memory banks. Loyal to his country now more than ever, he is sent to the Rogue Isles to monitor Lord Recluse and his soldiers of Arachnos. When the time comes, Yuri will be there to witness Arachnos's downfall.

Visor (Quake Champions) - Personality/Design/Synopsis
Mongul (DC Comics) - Design
Bane (DC Comics) - Abilities
Apocalypse (Marvel) - Design
Radioactive Man (Marvel) - Powers

Potential Voiceover - Gary Oldman
[Has done: Viktor Reznov in Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops, Ignitus in The Legend Of Spyro, Jack Barnes in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault]