Author Topic: Nekrovile's ATO Trade Post  (Read 7934 times)


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Nekrovile's ATO Trade Post
« on: February 21, 2021, 12:38:03 am »
Here are the ATOs that I have for trade. I am okay trading any of these for almost any another ATO. I just don't want an ATO if I already have 2 of it on this list.
If you want to trade, then the best way to contact me is @Nekrovile on Rebirth's Discord.

(Updated 5/17/2021)
I need to look through this to update it again.

  - Blaster’s Wrath:
        o Rech/Chance for Fire Damage
  - (Blaster) Defiant Barrage
        o Acc/Dam
  - Will of the Controller
        o Acc/Con/End/Rech
  - (Controller) Overpowering Presence
        o Acc/Con x2
        o Con/Rech x3
        o Acc/Con/End x2
        o Acc/Con/End/Rech
        o End/Rech x2
        o Rech/Chance for Energy Font
  - Malice of the Corruptor
        o Dam/End/Rech x4
        o Acc/Dam/End/Rech
        o Rech/Chance for Negative
  - (Corruptor) Scourging Blast
        o Acc/Dam/Rech x2
        o Rech/Chance for +End and +HP
  - Defender's Bastion
        o Acc/Dam
  - Ascendency of the Dominator
        o End/Rech
  - (Dominator) Dominating Grasp
        o Acc/Con x2
        o Con/Rech
  - Kheldian’s Grace
        o Rech/Form Empowerment
  - Command of the Mastermind
        o Dam/End x2
Soldier of Arachnos
  - Dominion of Arachnos
        o Dam/Rech
        o Acc/Dam/End/Rech
  - (Soldier of Arachnos) Spider's Bite
        o Acc/Dam
        o Dam/Rech
        o Acc/Dam/Rech x2
        o Acc/Dam/End/Rech
  - Stalker’s Guilie
        o Dam/Rech
        o Dam/End/Rech
  - (Stalker) Assasin’s Mark
        o Dam/Rech
        o Dam/End/Rech x2
        o Rech/Chance to Recharge Buildup
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