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Announcements and Important News / Re: Anniversary Maintenance Conclusion
« Last post by ElBee on May 15, 2022, 10:20:07 pm »
An additional maintenance period will be held at 9 EST, 8 CST, 6 PST on the 16th. The server will be brought down during this time.
Calendar / 3rd Anniversary Monster Mash
« Last post by ElBee on May 15, 2022, 10:17:11 pm »
I'll be hosting a Monster Mash in Pocket D at 8 PM EST, 7 PM CST, 5 PM PST!
Calendar / Additional Maintenance Period
« Last post by ElBee on May 15, 2022, 10:15:52 pm »
An Additional Maintenance Period will be held at 9 EST, 8 CST, 6 PST in which the server will be brought down again.
Announcements and Important News / Anniversary Maintenance Conclusion
« Last post by ElBee on May 15, 2022, 09:48:39 pm »
Hello Rebirth! Some announcements following the conclusion of our weekly maintenance.
First, Double XP is now enabled for our Anniversary week! I will be hosting a Monster Mash on Tuesday. Triple XP will be enabled on Friday for that weekend!
Next, We will be committing a PTS patch later this week concerning the chat. Details upon release.
Finally, our anniversary badge will be released at a later time due to an unforeseen issue. We will extend the time that badge will be available.

Happy Anniversary Rebirth~!
- El Bee
Off-topic / Online Gambling Strategies and Tips from the Pros
« Last post by luplay2 on May 12, 2022, 02:10:12 am »

With so much money changing hands, it’s no wonder that gamblers are always looking for new approaches to beat the odds. This article will explore some of the most common tactics professional gamblers use, including tips to keep you from losing everything. One thing to note is that most of the strategies mentioned in the post are not fool-proof, and the house advantage will stay intact. You are not cheating, but rather you are attempting to increase your odds of winning something.

First Step: Find A Casino You Enjoy Play At

With a vast array of online casinos at your disposal, you should choose one that suits your playing style and provides you with the most significant amount of enjoyment. Although this sounds like an easy first step, there are some nuances that you should understand. Furthermore, if you make the wrong choice, no strategy in the world will make your playing experience fun. Before getting started, you should consider your location. There will be laws surrounding online gambling in some countries, as well as how you can bet. In other cases, it is simply more convenient to sign up for a casino that caters to your country. Luckily, there are usually options for every country. For instance, LUHOPLAY is a trusted online casino in Philippines, so people lived in Philippines can choose it to play.

Start With Something Simple

If you are new to the gambling world, you should begin with a simple game to allow you to learn the basics of gambling. Blackjack has so many strategies developed over time that there is very little room for error.

Don’t Flinch On Mid Numbers

Many beginners will keep hitting when they see their numbers add up to 12 or 13. This is because it is tempting to believe that the dealer will have something better for you than you do. However, it only takes a 10 value to tip you over the 21 thresholds. Considering that you have a 4 out of thirteen chance of going bust, it is wise to stand. There is also a high chance that as the dealer continues to hit, they will go bust themselves, leaving you with the winning hand.

Go for Games with a Low House Edge

If you have been around for some time, and you have the skills to play table games, go for low house edge types like blackjack. With blackjack, the house edge can decrease to as low as 0.05%. However, this will also require some tactic and effort from your side. If you insist on slots, go for a slot game like archer or the bonus bears slot game. These two have a lower house edge of between 3-7%. They may have a lower RTP, but still, many players who want to deal with minimal risk prefer them.

Use Tactics

Although casino games may have some element of luck, skills also play a huge role. Although games like slots work randomly, others might require some skills. Learn the basics of these games, and practice as much as possible. Also, know when to quit. With some of the above-mentioned tips, there is no reason why you cannot succeed in this industry.


If you plan to accept the bonuses, read the attached terms and conditions, plus the casino guidelines that may be involved. Remember, as a real-money gambler, you want to take advantage of any means available that will help you to maximize the chance of winning. After all, is said and done, it is time to play and have fun, as you watch the profits grow. Online casino gaming can be a good place to unwind while at the same time reaping some profits. When well implemented, the above tips will help you succeed.
General / Re: Rebirth Costume Tool Beta 0.2
« Last post by luplay2 on May 12, 2022, 02:06:47 am »
Thanks for your sharing!
An update because I noticed a similar issue affecting the seam between bottoms and boots, though this one is slightly different and I'm guessing it's due to the boots still using legacy textures while the bottoms are using the updated ones.


On the left, the legacy bottoms with skin as they appear on Homecoming or when using the legacy pieces here. In the middle, the current bottoms with skin on Rebirth. On the right, current tights on Rebirth. I didn't exhaustively test every costume piece but I can confirm it definitely applies to skin, tights, tights sleek and the several bodysuit styles. Thus I assume it likely affects every costume set where the bottoms have been updated with new asymmetrical textures but the matching boots are still using legacy textures.
Guardian / The reason I'm here
« Last post by OminousUndead on May 08, 2022, 06:54:13 am »
I came to rebirth because of the Guardian powersets. I love the Arachnos Mace Beam guardian. I just need some Arachnos-themed clothing. Can we get Arachnos jackets, hats, helmets, gloves, boots, t-shirts, pants, skirts, and bikinis?
General Suggestions and Feedback / arachnos armor?
« Last post by OminousUndead on May 07, 2022, 07:02:29 pm »
Can we get some arachnos armor pieces since we have arachnos beam mace as a powerset?
Live Bug Reporting / npc in praetoria jumping around
« Last post by OminousUndead on May 07, 2022, 07:01:14 pm »
npc in praetoria jumping around during combat randomly
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