Author Topic: PTS Test server Patch Notes as of AUG 12, 2021 - Ri2  (Read 1711 times)


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PTS Test server Patch Notes as of AUG 12, 2021 - Ri2
« on: August 13, 2021, 05:18:57 pm »
- Added Gladiator Vendors to PvP Zones

Alignment System:
- Added Vigilante and Rogue Merits.
- Reverted Hero and Villain Merit costs to sunset values.
- Removed lockout timers for purchasing enhancements or recipes from alignment vendors.
- Added Vigilante and Rogue Merit rewards (they weren't rewarding before).
- Created Vigilante and Rogue Merit Vendors
- Vigilante Merit Vendor is Kings Row.
- Rogue Merit Vendor is in Cap.

Super Packs:
- Hero/Villain and Vigilante/Rogue Super Packs are able to be sold on the auction house like the Winter Super Pack.
- Updated the texture for the Winter Super Pack.

- Reduced the chances of receiving Team Inspirations.

Water Control:
- Account skews have been removed so the sets won't be locked out anymore.
- Turbulent Aura - Reduced Endurance cost from 1.3 to 1.04.

Task Forces:
- Lowered the minimum Task Force size to 4 players. Task Forces with lower than 4 player minimums remain the same.

New Emote: Dab (/e dab)
- A new pose for players to show off just how cool they are  (FT note:  I just want it known the dev responsible for this wrote this line not me)

Three new natural-themed Guardian sets have been added to help broaden that particular thematic niche in the sets available to the archetype. We are looking for feedback on both cosmetic and balance fronts for these sets as well as any bugs you can find - go forth and test! These sets are:

- Military Assault: A primary attack set that combines rifle attacks with punches, kicks, and gun butt smashes in close quarters, with a variety of secondary effects including defense debuff, knockdown, stun, slow, or DoT. This set is slightly biased towards ranged combat but still has several melee options available.

- Ninja Assault: A primary attack set that blends katana melee attacks with new throwing knife ranged attacks. The attacks in Ninja Assault mostly have toxic DoT and defense debuff secondary effects along with some knockdown. This set is slightly biased towards melee combat, and its unique buildup converts some of your lethal damage into energy damage in addition to granting a damage buff.

- Infiltrator Training: A secondary set that draws on the Ninjitsu and Traps sets to create a stealthy covert operative theme. The user gains defense, regeneration, and stealth effects to protect themselves, and a variety of gadgets and traps to hamper enemies and benefit their team. This set is unique among guardian secondaries in deriving its support ability solely from enemy-affecting powers rather than buffs or heals, fostering increased playstyle variety.

Known issues:
- The power icons for these sets are still incomplete
- Scorpion's Sting's hold effect is still using placeholder visual FX

- All mob experience increased by 50 percent
- Added a reward option to Ephram Sha and Maharaj for 2 incarnate thread's worth of iXP split between Physical and Psychic on first obtaining. It will then have a 20 hour cooldown in which you will only be able to obtain 1 incarnate thread's worth of iXP. This option also gives half of said value to Advanced Psychic (aka Hybrid slots unlock).
- Arc Completion Incarnate Merit option increased from 2/1 to 4/2
- Changed chances of Astral/Empyrean Merits on Arc Completion Rewards from 80/20 to 60/40
- Taskmaster Gabriel now gives 4 Empyrean merits instead of 2

Known Issues
: No gate preventing players with slots unlocked from taking the options.

 - Decreased max number of Alignment Points needed for a morality shift to 5.
 - Decreased Fame timer responsible for tips vanishing from 20 hours to 1 minute for express testing purposes. Missions you are remembered for will now clear out after that minute has passed, allowing further alignment missions to be done

Power Customization
- Alternate animation for Electric Melee Jacob's Ladder Power, available in both Bright and Dark palettes

- Discovered Blaster AT stats were not using the changes that were introduced in i24 and corrected it.
- Blaster now have their 2400 stat improvements to Blaster’s Max HP and ToHit.

- Mayor Devito's copy of "The Color Of Outerspace" has been removed from city hall.  It knows what it did.
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