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General / Rebirth Costume Tool Beta 0.2
« on: October 18, 2021, 05:07:24 pm »
Hello Costume Fanatics

With the help of Silver Age Fan I have been working on a little tool to help retrieve old costume files. It is mainly aimed at files of female costumes that were broken by the introduction of asymmetrical chests. However it will make an attempt to correct all costumes, even old v1 files.

You can download the tool from here:
  • Download Zip
  • Extract to directory
  • Copy all your costume files into a separate folder, leaving your "Cityofheroes/costumes" folder empty
  • run the costume-tool.exe
  • Set the source folder to the folder with all your costume files in it.
  • Set the target folder to the "Cityofheroes/costumes" folder (where ever that is for you).
  • Press "Execute" a wait a moment.
  • Log in to City of Heroes TEST and see how many have worked.
My experience with the tool is that it will work successfully on most of the files, but by no means all. It is designed to work with the release thats currently on TEST (as at 18-Oct-2021) so if the file doesn't work on Live it may work on Test.

One more caveat, I am not able to sign this programme. So you will almost certainly be asked to trust it and the only thing you have to go on is that I have been around since the second week of public Rebirth. I totally understand if that isn't good enough for the security conscious amongst you :)

Developer Info
The tool works by creating a mapping of old costume elements to new and simply transposing the entries in a costume file. It does make a somewhat clumsy attempt at converting version 1 files into version 2, which seems to work more often that it should  :)
The tool is written in Java  :o and the code can be found here:
However I have excluded the Rebirth configuration files needed to make it work as they are not mine to publicize.



General Suggestions and Feedback / Horns and Sunglasses
« on: May 28, 2021, 09:02:46 am »
Horns and Sunglasses

One of the things that allways seemed somewhat arbitary to me is the categorisation of head details.
You have "Details 1" which includes everything, masks, glasses, horms, neck-things etc. Few of which seem like they should be mutually exclusive.
Then you have "Details 2" which includes masks, helmets, whiskers and other neck-things. Few of which seem like they should be mutually exclusive.

This is a particular problem for Officer Morgan:

Poor Officer Morgan is the butt of all the other officer's jokes because she cannot wear sunglasses.
Forever left out of the David Caruso jokes, which is a serious impediment for a police officer.

Not sure exactly how this can corrected. I think the models in Detail 1 & 2 use different anchor points.
But it would be nice to see some extra head detail slots so Morgan can stop shielding her eyes from the sun :)

This image is a fake of course!

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