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Announcements and Important News / State of the game: Ri6
« on: May 30, 2023, 01:14:12 pm »
Hello everyone!

As the 4th-anniversary celebration of Rebirth begins to wind down, we would like to share a few details about what to anticipate in Rebirth Issue 6!

An Epic Challenge is on the Horizon

We heard how much players love a good challenge. In Rebirth Issue 5: Clockstoppers we introduced ramped-up speed run challenges which unlocked new rewards. But what if speed isn't your thing? Then we have something exciting in store and can't wait to share more details about what's to come. In Rebirth Issue 6 we are expanding and improving the available challenge options. Successfully completing challenges will unlock several new reward choices and many different badges. We have created a brand new range of rewards to cater to everyone's preferences and interests. More info on that will be coming soon. In the meantime, please enjoy these accompanying images.

Epic Powersets and Proliferation Arrivals

Martial Prowess for Scrappers and Stalkers is being adjusted in RI6. Specifically, the Aimed Shot power is now Keen Quarrel for Scrappers and Assassin's Bolt for Stalkers. Both have had their recharge times equalized, their damage increased to match the new recharge time, and more. We did this to ensure that it was as polished as possible so we could turn our attention to the release of Martial Prowess for Tankers and Brutes!

With their own set of powers coupled with a unique power for each AT. Here is the name and description of each of these unique powers to give you a taste.

Tanker Specific Power

Art of War
Auto: Global Chance of +DMG (all), +End Discount
Your practiced moves allow you to get into a rhythm that blends a perfect combination of offense and defense. Every attack you make has a high chance of increasing your damage (all) by 7.5 percent% and endurance discount by 3.84% for 10 seconds as your rhythm makes your attacks more efficient. This effect stacks 3 times. You must be level 41 and own Throwing Dagger or Battle Hardened to purchase this power.

Brute Specific Power

Reckless Abandon
Self +Fury, +Res (all)
You succumb to your rage and begin fighting with no regard for your well-being. This power gives you a large amount of Fury and increases your damage resistance to everything for 30 seconds as you become too angry to feel the damage. You sacrifice a portion of your own health in your ferocity.  You must be level 41 and own Throwing Dagger or Battle Hardened to purchase this power. Recharge: Long

Rounding off the melee mayhem is a long-requested proliferation in Broadsword and Katana. Now proliferated to Tankers!

Rebirth of the Community Information Kiosk

Kiosks were originally functional in-game leaderboards for tracking player stats released in Issue 2: A Shadow of the Past during the original run of the game. They were removed from the original game after causing performance issues. With Rebirth issue 6, the long-dormant Kiosks spring to life once more!  We can't wait to see who'll be the City's top punishes!

Power Info Emergence

We believe that you should have all power information at your fingertips without needing to go to secondary resources for your information, so we're expanding the information that we can reveal to you through the power info window.  This is a system that we will continue to refine and expand continuously in the years ahead.

Rising Quality of Life

Our commitment to polish and refinement at Rebirth continues in Ri6.

Vigilance: Defenders inherent receives a long-awaited update.

Training, Dual Origin, and Single Origin Enhancements will degrade a whole lot slower.

Some powers are going to become a lot more Attractive.

Easily pair gloves together with the click of a button.

A new option lets you disable the blinking email notification. Plus, emails will no longer discard claimed items when there isn't enough space in your inventory.

One last beginning to share

Rebirth Issue 6 is set up to be a precise strike of features and polish as we recover from outrunning Synapse and prepare for the exciting future. There is one more thing I am able to reveal at this juncture.

Rebirth Issue 6 will be titled...


On behalf of myself and the staff here at Rebirth, we hope you enjoy this preview of some of the great things coming in Rebirth Issue 6.

- El Bee

Comments? Leave a post (Here)

General / State of the game: Ri6 (Comments)
« on: May 30, 2023, 01:13:53 pm »
Post your comments about the State of the game post here!

Helloooooooooooo Rebirth!!

Dev's choice on a story arc created in AE will allow players to choose between getting AE ticket or normal rewards (recipes, salvage, etc) for defeating mobs and completing the mission. It also grants the creator an extra slot to make another story arc.

REACH will be holding this months Dev's Choice Award! Entries will have from June 4th through June 18th to create, clean up or dust off those AE missions you have worked so hard on. Winner to be announced on or around June 25th depending on how many submissions we receive.

If you want your story arc to be played, and possibly promoted to a Dev's Choice, then please leave your mission ID and/or name of the mission in discord or in our forums.
Submission threads will be opened on the 4th.
(No Farms will be allowed for submissions)

General / Re: Setless Level Locked - A goal of Accomplishments
« on: May 25, 2023, 03:14:01 am »
Should probably post on my progress.
All the way to 25 has been unlocked. My experiences thus far:
  • Endurance is a big issue if you can never slot the recovery uniques (Performance shifter, etc)
  • Inf can be made a number of ways and is best invested into generic IOs
  • Staff Fighting's Form of the Soul has been very helpful thus far
  • Ghost Slaying Axe is pulling far more weight than expected on non-undead thanks to Bruising
  • Inspirations has made big pulls and elite bosses possible solo, even without all the extra defense IOs.
  • I've gotten the First Aid Kit twice from safe guard missions so far. Having 15 charges of a small green inspiration on tap has been very handy in the early game.

I've had two issues arise during this run so far. Cavern of Transcendence caps at level 15, but the contacts won't give you missions if you're level 15 as they cap at 14. Additionally you can't access the arcs via Flashback at level 15. You have to be 16. I added the requirement to finish the contacts at 14 because the only way around this is an Alt putting you on Talshak the Mystic's arc via flashback to unlock it for your SLL character. Which I did alone and had to deal with 2x Trolls and Bosses. I was able to but it was really close a lot of the time!

I forgot to get the exploration badge in Skyway Safeguard. Necessitating raising an alt to get the safeguard to get the badge.

The challenge continues.

Patch Notes / LIVE - March 21, 2023 - Ri5 Clockstoppers
« on: May 21, 2023, 09:14:12 pm »
- The Skybox in Striga has been fixed.
- The Pocket D Winter Vendor has been returned
- The Nerva Archipelago Halloween Vendor has been returned

Character Bios / Zinnias of Amber (Biography)
« on: May 15, 2023, 04:33:35 am »

Name (Hero ID): Zinnias, also registered under Brass Bulwark and as Zinnias of Amber
Archetype: Tanker, Scrapper (under Brass Bulwark)
Origin: Natural
Alignment: Hero
Powers: Invulnerability/War Mace (under Zinnias), Broadsword/Shield Defense (under Brass Bulwark), Invulnerability/Staff Fighting (under Zinnias of Amber)

Real Name: Zinnias of Amber
Species: Melitt
Age: 25

Zinnias of Amber is a melitt; a species of insect humanoids recently unearthed from the remains of the underground megacomplex known as Apocrita. It was found under what Paragon City ironically refers as ‘The Hive’.¹ She was born in the amber sector of Apocrita. She worked with her family as a sugar cane farmer. The work had made her strong physically but did little for her confidence. She shied away from contact and danger despite a burning desire to help wherever she could. This continued into the beginning of her adult life.

While Paragon City was busy dealing with the destruction of Galaxy City, the melitt in Apocrita were busy dealing with skirmishes from the amoeba deity poised upon their home: Hamidon. They knew him as the Devourer. Hamidon saw them as another threat to the planet’s purity on the same level as the rest of humanity. The most devastating of attacks was one lead by a Crystal Titan. A lack of ambrosia let the titan wreak havoc upon the melitt forces. Destroying the entire quartz sector and severely damaging buildings in the opal and topaz sectors.¹ Zinnias continued to work hard with her family, but the destruction was something she could not ignore any more.

Opportunity came some months later. Kacob of Quartz had returned from his journey to Paragon City. He had slain the Crystal Titan with the help of Paragon’s Heroes and disproved the merit of ancient isolationist policies. He reported on the world outside their walls. Zinnias could hardly believe the stories herself. The King of Opal gave Kacob his gratitude and asked the gathered crowd for volunteers to venture forth to continue to foster support from humanity. No one was able to gather themselves to volunteer.. except Zinnias. Filled with a sense of determination to overcome her fear of danger, Zinnias volunteered.

She thrust herself with trepidation into danger registered as Brass Bulwark. Clad in padded tri-weave titanium mesh armor and carrying a sword and shield into battle, she fought the many foes found within Paragon’s war walls. The stories were true, each and every one of them! Yet for every threat she faced one yet lay above them all in terms of the danger posed to her family and people; None could compare to the Devourer.

For each new foe faced she gained confidence from this comparison. Her strength built through a lifetime of cutting and processing sugar cane lent itself well to heroics. With help from the heroes she had come to confide in, she eventually put down the shield and sword and rearmed herself a mace. Draconian hero registration bylaws did require her to register the new ‘identity’. Simply as Zinnias she donned a new super hero suit straight from Icon; augmented with armor plate of melitt made purest steel. Her quest to destroy Hamidon has enlightened her to the other threats the world faces. While she continues to strive for the destruction of Hamidon, she has pledged her strength in service to a better world for all.

Today Zinnias of Amber continues seeking to improve herself. One such method is to attempt to learn new techniques and forms of melee combat. Feeling she has come to rely upon her mace, strength, and enhancements there-in too much she has taken up a new arm. Even the simple act of picking up a staff facilitates a new registration under the draconian hero registration bylaws. You may find them registered as Zinnias of Amber.

¹ Lantana of Topaz (2022). ’A treatise on melitt history, evolution, biology, and society’.

General / Setless Level Locked - A goal of Accomplishments
« on: May 15, 2023, 04:29:18 am »
Challenge runs! People love doing them. Contact completionists and badge hunters are two of the most common challenge characters. I've been having a tough time staying interested trying to clean out all my flash back arcs on my title character, Zinnias. So. I've done the only sane thing someone would do in this scenario. Devise a new challenge run

Allow me to introduce Setless Level Locked. A character challenge type revolving around getting accomplishment badges while being unable to slot anything with a Set Bonus and being unable to progress in levels at certain thresholds until goals are met. A mixture of badge hunter, contact completionist, and masochist difficulty run.

The base rules are simple
  • You cannot slot ANYTHING with a set bonus in its effects. No Performance Shifters! Going Rogue Pre-Order enhancements don't count (No set bonuses)
  • Your character level max is determined by level locks. If you have not cleared everything to the 14th level lock, you are unable to level past 14 as an example.
  • Unlocking a level lock requires obtaining the listed badges. Most of them are accomplishment badges from taskforces, trials and contact arcs.
Optional rules include
  • No Influence Gifts
  • Zone Locking (Must obtain all exploration badges in zone before it's 'open')
  • No Email or Prestige powers
  • Must Clear Incarnate trials Setless before you can use Sets

Some badges are acquired as soon as possible if they have a level range going all the way to 50. All locks are intended to be in place at the top of the level for the content required to unlock it.

So what do the level locks look like? I have prepared the Blueside level locks I have been using that I will now show in Spoilers. It's a long list.
(click to show/hide)

Why do all this? I wanted badges. I wanted to do it on a fresh character. Not using sets is simply to challenge myself. I might get to making a villain list when I progress a bit more into this.

Zinnias of Amber's current progress (5/26/2023)
(click to show/hide)


Hello Rebirth players!

We have enabled Double XP for the week leading to May 19th, where it will then become TRIPLE XP WEEKEND!

During the next few weeks if you log in, you will get Rebirth's 4th anniversary badge: Inspirational.

The Nemesis Plot event is now reactivated and will be ran as a shard event for the first time since the 8th anniversary of the original game's lifespan. The event will be active for the same amount of time as the 4th anniversary badge is active.

Have a good time!

Patch Notes / LIVE - March 14, 2023 - Ri5 Clockstoppers
« on: May 14, 2023, 09:21:32 pm »
- Rebirth 4th Anniversary Badge "Inspirational" had been added.
- Nemesis Plot Zone Events have been resurrected.  This events will be running throughout the duration of the 4th Anniversary (i.e. through the month).

- Enhancements with a % in the name should now hyperlink properly in chat.
- Many instances of double % showing up in chat have been corrected and should now show the expected single %.
- Bio Armor should now swap between adaptations with a single click.
- Travel Powers should now correctly turn off after zoning and not have persistent icons anymore.

- Speed Run rewards have been enabled for the Miss Liberty Task Force at 30/60/120 minutes.
- Speed Run rewards have been enabled for Tin Mage Mark II and Apex Task Forces at 20/30/45 minutes.

- Backend work applied to isolate the Rebirth specific shader caching into it's own folder separate from the common location that used to be used by all COX private servers. For players who play on multiple servers, this keeps incompatible graphics changes made by other servers from breaking graphics while playing on Rebirth.


Hello Rebirth Players!

Rebirth's 4th anniversary is on the 15th. To celebrate, we are planning a few things to run during that week.

One of these is..
The Throwback Costume Contest!

Details can be found on our website

This will be the first of a few announcements to be made this week.

Announcements and Important News / REACH Briefing
« on: April 30, 2023, 09:41:33 pm »
Rebirth Event, Administration, and Community Helpers (REACH)
- Mission Statement -
R.E.A.C.H. is a collection of players that are dedicated to enhancing the City of Heroes Rebirth experience by helping plan, support, and run different events.  Our shared goal is to maximize the experience through these events and to be able to act as a first response for players in need of help.

REACHs' Objective:
* Take an active role in the community
* Offer assistance to players using their elevated privileges

REACHs' Benefits:
* Community Access Level - Approved commands to assist players and support hosting events
* Dedicated Discord and Forum sections for easier collaboration with other REACH members and the Rebirth team
* Add events to the Forum Calendar

REACH candidates will be highly active members within the Rebirth community who help foster a sense of community to others; our outgoing self-starters interested in forming events that promote and grow the active community.

* Follow the Player's code of conduct and do not abuse privileges
* Host Events
* Participate in the community - In game, on the forums, and or on discord
* Offer assistance in game where possible and escalate as needed

Looking for Group / WST SCHEDULE (04/24/2023 - 06/11/2023)
« on: April 23, 2023, 08:22:40 pm »
WST SCHEDULE  (04/24/2023 - 06/11/2023)

04/24: Dr. Quarterfield (40-44), Citadel (25-30), Renault (25-30), ITF (35-50)

05/01: Terra Volta (24-33), Penelope Yin (20-25), Lord Recluse (45-50), Tin Mage (50 w/ Alpha)

05/08: Dr. Kahn (45-50), Numina (35-40), Barracuda (45-50), LGTF (45-50)

05/15: Faathim (44-50), Manticore (30-35), Mortimer Kal (20-40), Apex (50 w/ Alpha)


05/22: Eden (39-41), Synapse (15-20), Renault (25-30), ITF (35-50)

05/29: Ms. Liberty (45-50), Citadel (25-30), Barracuda (45-50), Tin Mage (50 w/ Alpha)

06/05: Justin Augustine (44-50), Penelope Yin (20-25), Ice Mistral (35-40), LGTF (45-50)

06/12: Sara Moore (40-50), Positron (10-15/11-16), Silver Mantis (20-25),  Apex (50 w/ Alpha)


Patch Notes / LIVE SERVER - April 16 2023 - Ri5 Clockstoppers
« on: April 16, 2023, 09:37:05 pm »
 - Applied Attract protection to immovable objects, AVs, and other mobs with perfect repel protection.

Patch Notes / LIVE SERVER - April 9 2023 - Ri5 Clockstoppers
« on: April 09, 2023, 09:55:25 pm »
- Powers that target dead team mates should now also be able to target league members again

General Suggestions and Feedback / Re: Walk is too fast
« on: March 26, 2023, 07:24:29 pm »
This is an issue that we are aware of and a fix is in the pipeline for.

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