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Player Help/Guides / Hastily put together Gold Medal Slope tutorial
« on: December 15, 2021, 01:51:45 am »
I slapped this together in about 3 hours to try to explain good ways to get gold on the slopes.

Patch Notes / PTS (Test Server) Dec 5th, 2021
« on: December 05, 2021, 09:52:46 pm »
Ice set updates:

Ice Melee and Ice Armor have been ported to scrappers and stalkers.

Ice Melee and Ice Armor power balance tweaks:
- Frozen Fists activation time reduced from 1.33s to 0.83s
- Frozen Fists damage increased from scale 0.84 to 1.0, recharge time increased from 3s to 4s, endurance cost increased from 4.37 to 5.2
- Greater Ice Sword activation time reduced from 2.33s to 1.83s
- Frozen Armor and Glacial Armor defense increased from scale 1.8 to scale 2.0
- Wet Ice unenhanceable scale 0.1 defense removed

Blaster Frozen Aura now deals damage, like the Ice Melee version

Ice Melee powers now have a full set of both sword and non-sword animation and FX options:
- Frozen Fists now uses the shorter single-punch animation
- Frozen Fists now has an alternate ice sword animation (with greater ice sword option)
- Ice Sword now has an alternate overhand swing animation
- Ice Sword now has an alternate non-sword ice fist smash animation (with greater ice sword option)
- Greater Ice Sword animation sped up
- Greater Ice Sword now has an alternate uppercut swing animation (with regular ice sword option)
- Greater Ice Sword now has an alternate non-sword ice fist clobber animation
- Freezing Touch now has an alternate ice sword stab animation (with greater ice sword option)
- Frozen Aura now has an alternate ground punch animation
- All-new Assassin's Icicle power FX for Stalker Ice Melee, with both icicle stab and ice sword variations (with greater ice sword option)
Ice Armor style powers now have four new, less obtrusive power themes so your character no longer has to be covered in ice cubes! This affects Ice Armor's Frozen Armor, Wet Ice, Glacial Armor, and Energy Absorption (only has Frost theme for now), Cold Domination's Ice Shield and Glacial Shield, and all versions of Frozen Armor in ancillary/patron pools.
- Icy Coating theme: A shifting layer of thin icy chips fitting closer to your character's body
- Frost Armor theme: A subtle layer of translucent frost on your character
- Chill Armor theme: A cloud of cold mist around your character
- No Covering theme: A minimal FX style theme with no obscuring graphics
Winter Storm Accuary/Endurance is now Recharge/Endurance.

Winter Storm End/Rech/Slow is now End/Dam/Slow

Winter's Gift now correctly displays it's UNIQUE status.
Fixed an issue with the Winter Storm proc not acting unique.

Werewolf scarfs now fit bit and so do their earmuffs.

Added New Winter Storm Icon

Corrected the Winter's Gift proc text on its Super Pack card.
Fixed a broken Super Pack card not appearing.  The card was the Winter Storm: Endurance/Recharge/Slow.
Fixed the description of the Very Rare Recipes rewards choice from Incarnate Trials.

Centered the Guardian's Gift icon.

Added the correct background to the Guardian ATO Super Pack icons.
Fixed missing description on the (Corruptor) Scorching Blast proc Super Pack card.
Known issues/incomplete aspects for ice sets:
- Scrapper ice melee still has Taunt instead of Confront
- Assassin's Icicle has placeholder name, description, and combat log text strings
- Power icons for Assassin's Icicle, stalker ice melee Placate, and scrapper ice melee Confront are still placeholders

Patch Notes / PTS (Test Server) Sep 22, 2021
« on: September 22, 2021, 07:25:08 pm »
PTS (Test Server) Patch Notes - Spoilers Ahead

Halloween 2021 Update

Spoiler (hover to show)

Spoiler (hover to show)

Spoiler (hover to show)

Additionally, look forward to collecting all of the new rewards in
Spoiler (hover to show)

Spoiler (hover to show)

-The maximum number of Rocks has been increased from 10 to 25.

Thousands of years of self created isolation has been broken of recent. The devastation of the Devourer and their hordes wreaking havoc upon my fellows within the Topaz and Quartz sectors has brought an end to it. Much was lost and there is much more to cover than I can broach in this. Until such time that the Devourer is rid of this land, this will have to suffice. As I write this cover sheet, Vanguard is assisting myself, my family, and the rest of the melitt to a new location within the continent of South America. Though the danger of total extinction is past, the threat of lost knowledge holds still. Thus do I put to text that which I can recall of the history and evolution of my people. I do this to aid the understanding of humanity so we might aid one another against the many threats aligned against the world we inhabit. May the sovereign spirits guide us all in the trying days to come.

- Lantana of Topaz

Pre and Ancient History

Much of our ancient history has been lost both to time and to the Devourer’s assaults. What is known is our evolution began around 4 million years ago, much the same as the ‘homo sapien’ did we ‘apiono sapiens’ rise. Where humanity rose from apes we rose from various kinds of insects in the hymenoptera order. As humanity walked the earth of Africa and the Europes, we flew the skies of northern America. Or so I have been told by the few of our number old enough to remember the tales. One thing was certain, our species never spread wide. This is presumed to be because of conflicts with humanity in the past. This theory lead to the isolation doctrine that we held until recent. Any specific details, including the degree of how true the above is, eludes me however. Evidence of any of the above is largely left buried within ‘The Hive’.

One thing is certain however; it was in this isolation that we thrived. Partially out of paranoia of conflict and mostly due to the lack of expansion. This was easy to carry out until colonization efforts in the 1800s and the rapid expansion of human civilization within the past thousand years. Save for some interactions during the Era of Magic that lead us to cultivate a magic discipline of our own.

Magic and Technology

Our technology greatly leapt forward during some mysterious events in the 1400s. This period of time is called The Awakening. In the 1900s our technology rivaled that of the technology of today.

The bulk of our technology utilized crystal focuses of varieties. The area being devoid of rich veins of metal made us get creative with our resources. We had beam rifles of great strength, focuses to allow one to tap their greatest magics, and armor of diamonds. Most of these are lost to the Devourer. One secret I kept and have hence forwarded on is the secret of pure steel. The process involves weaving diamond dust, a pure carbon solution, into iron to create something far stronger. Not as strong as Impervium, but within a distance of it.

Our magics utilize one's spiritual power through crystal focuses. These focuses could take many forms, though the most popular were either small, convenient forms (amulets, rings, etc) or large forms for combat against the Devourer (Gauntlets being the most popular choice of such). It is unclear if Tieliekku or the Circle had anything to do with our awakening. Evidence points to a potential time travel event muddying the timeline and obscuring any information of the awakening. This enigma is another question we will need to answer once the Devourer is defeated.


We were housed in Apocrita: A massive sprawling underground complex of enormous scale. Apocrita was split into four sectors: The Amber sector responsible for feeding the city and known for its great gardens. The Topaz sector (the descent of yours truly) for the sciences and arcane studies. The Quartz Sector responsible for both the defense of the city and home to the finest crafters. Finally, the Opal Sector was home to the diarchies, the church of the sovereign spirits and of the arts. We were ruled by a king and queen of each of the sectors called the Diarchies. They were elected by those who worked in those sectors.

Our names come from where we are born, so we will always remember our roots no matter what sector of life you find yourself in. I, Lantana of Topaz, found myself as much at home in the Quartz sectors as I did in the Topaz studying how to manipulate magics. Where you were born never dictated your position in life however. Case in point: Zinnias of Amber once being a sugar cane farmer.

Our population paled in comparison to humanity, being at most 150,000 housed in Apocrita during the awakening.


This section will be harder for me to elaborate as this falls outside of my fields of study. To put it in the words of one of my instructors, Apiono Sapiens are bipedal insectoids that exhibit great strength, an endo and exo skeletal structure, flight through wings, have a minor psionic link to each other, can age up to hundreds of years, and are largely omnivorous due to meats containing more proteins than can be extrapolated easily from fauna.

It is believed that each one holds their psionic energy and can pass it down in the event of ones death. This is the theory of the sovereign spirit: that each melitt can channel the power of all of the melitt of the past. The smallest nymphs to the very diarchs themselves lend their strength to those in the future. This theory has never been confirmed since its establishment in the 1400s but is held as a superstition regardless.

Recent History and The Devourer

Sometime within the past 7 years, the being we know as the Devourer and humanity knows as Hamidon started a crusade to destroy us. The Devourer’s hatred of technology and desire to see a pure world without humanity caused them to view us as an obstacle and potential enemy. Apocrita was built underground in the place called by Paragon City as ‘The Hive’. Right under one of their forms. The Devourer discovered it and proceeded to wage war against us. Our technology, links, and magics allowed us to survive for as long as we did. A barrier constructed held out for the first two years.

Once that fell, members of the Quartz and Topaz would skirmish with the Horde. Through arms and intellect we held. This was until 7 months ago. The Crystal Titan lead a massive horde to assault Apocrita. We possessed no Ambrosia and thus had no way to withstand the oppressive beams of pure light. The titan destroyed the Quartz sector, greatly damaged the Topaz and Opal sectors, killed the kings of Topaz, the diarchy of Quartz, and the queens of Opal and Amber. They were pushed back at great loss but our defenses were greatly diminished.

It was then that the isolation doctrines were called into question and a select member of the now destroyed Quartz sector was sent to find help. Kacob of Quartz was chosen. He quickly discovered Paragon City and proceeded to garner support, knowledge, and strength. He became known as the Quartz Hornet to people of the city. They presumed him to be some form of mutant seen commonly among the cities superhero population. With assistance from a task force of heroes, the Crystal Titan was laid low. Kacob of Quartz, slayer of titans returned to Apocrita with knowledge of the outside world. Tales of his deeds outside Aprocrita were sung by minstrels in the remnants of the Opal sector.

Much discussion and debate was had at this point between the remaining diarchies and leaders of aspects of the remaining sectors. It was decided that two more must leave Apocrita to garner support and strength. Volunteers were called for. I stepped up as did Zinnias of Amber. I had a major talent with magics of healing and ice. Zinnias had a determination to rise above the fears set into our hearts by the Devourer. Our respective sectors diarchies gave us their blessing and we set off. My travels were limited as I spent more time in study than blasting thieves and crooks in the streets. I kept an eye on any reports and witnessed Zinnias undergo a transformation. When we had left, she was meek, easily frightened but possessed a fire within her. I cannot say for certain if it proves the theory of the sovereign spirit as I have seen this same zeal aid humanity as well. I digress however.

With strength and experience garnered from Paragon’s finest heroes and deadliest villains, assistance from Vanguard, and the retreat of the Devourer’s hordes we have finally had a moment to regroup. Zinnias has chosen to continue assisting humanity after having seen what other threats exist on this planet of ours. Kacob and myself have stayed within Apocrita until recently. Vanguard has found a suitable refuge for us within an island off the shore of south america and has already begun the logistical process of aiding us in moving to said location. All they wish for in exchange is all of our information on the Devourer we possess, samples and formulas of our pure steel, and crystal focuses for their battle with the Rikti. I have also personally elected to assist them in operations against the Rikti when I am able to.


Thus do we find ourselves here and now. The greatest mystery we hold at present is the question of outside influence during the awakening. Evidence suggests interactions with a faction during the era of magic and potential time travel interference during the awakening. Many questions lay unanswered and demand they be answered on the corpses of the Devourer and his horde. Until this day comes this is our story. For as many holes in our understanding as we have, it is still ours.

As melitt move to New Apocrita we place our hopes and strength on one Zinnias of Amber. Having seen them in the latest news reports I know our faith is placed well.

Announcements and Important News / SCHEDULED RELEASE OF RI2
« on: September 08, 2021, 12:32:48 am »
Here is an overview of our future plans.

First is the scheduled release of issue 2 "Paths to Power".  Included in the update is more costume options, tanker and power adjustments, an economy rework and more. It it scheduled to release on September 12th.

With the release of Rebirth Issue 2, we will be removing developer's choice from the fire farm activities listed in AE.  This was a stop gap measure to help boost the economy. With upcoming changes to the overall method of acquiring enhancements and recipes we feel it is no longer necessary. Please understand that we are not removing these arcs and are merely removing the additional rewards on them.

Summer Blockbuster is currently planned to end on the 19th of September.

Announcements and Important News / PTS TRIALS SCHEDULED FOR 8/31/2021
« on: August 31, 2021, 12:11:49 am »
Incarnate Trials will be held on the PTS tomorrow (Tuesday 8/31/2021) at 9 EST, 8 CST, 6 PST.
This set of iTrials is an important test of our new reward drop changes. We will be asking everyone to track drops, including recipes received.

IMPORTANT: In order to claim any rewards for participation on your Live account, we NEED you to fill out a form.

You will be given links to the form at the start AND end of iTrials. You will need to fill out ONE form for each character that participates. (So if you switch characters between trials, we will need you to fill out an additional form.)

If you bring a new character with one of the new powersets to test at incarnate level (which we encourage), there a section of the form to indicate which of your characters on Live you would like your rewards to go to. Otherwise, your rewards will go to the Live version of the character you bring.

The rewards will be a 1:1 delivery of all Astral and Empyrean merits earned with an additional Empyrean merit for participating in each trial. For a total of 4 bonus merits. We will **not** be transferring badges. ~~Now is your time to swim in green stuff.~~

To claim the above rewards, you must fill out the form. Character information, a tally of recipes dropped, and optional sections for opinions.

We thank you all for your input and hope to put the data to good use.

- El Bee~

Patch Notes / PTS (Test Server) Aug 26, 2021
« on: August 26, 2021, 11:22:34 pm »
- Created Shard Recipes for Tier 1 Incarnate abilities of Destiny, Lore, Interface, Incarnate, and Hybrid
- Fixed issue in which being a Team Member during a Dark Astoria Arc would not grant progress on the weekly reward
     * This applies to Flashbacks as well
- Gabriel now rewards a Rare or Very Rare incarnate material in addition to Empyrean merits

Martial Mastery
- Stalkers may now slot War Cry with Accuracy

Adjusted Very Rare recipe drop changes as follows:
-Non-incarnate drop chances reduced from 3% to 2.5%.
-Loot Booster Non-incarnate drop chances reduced from 6% to 5%.
-Incarnate drop chances reduced from 6% to 5%
-Loot Booster Incarnate drop chances reduced from 12% to 10%

Reduced Team Inspiration drop chances.

-Corrected issue with Kinetic Assault unlock levels on Guardians

Asymmetric torso revamp for females:

This systems renovation brings full asymmetric integration to female hips and torsos
along with numerous new features and options.

All relevant chest and hip geometries have been modified to now accept asymmetric base
textures and tinting patterns. The intent is that asym chests and hips blend seamlessly
with the core costume library we have all come to know and love. No existing option already
available on Rebirth has been sacrificed.

For beta testing purposes, original symmetric categories have been left turned on temporarily
to allow QA testing to ensure that no existing options were forgotton. All new menu bonesets
have been appended with "Asym" to allow easy identification of new categories. This is true even
for new boneset categories without a corresponding legacy version, such as "Single Panel Tights"
and "Jodhpurs."

Later in the testing process, the legacy menus will be switched off and the "Asym" notation will
be removed. For testing purposes, the Valentines event unlockable toga category has been
temporarily unlocked. Before live release, this category will be returned to its conditional state
requiring Valentines event participation to unlock the boneset.

Currently, for testing purposes, most new pattern options are at the bottom of the library.
Before release to Rebirth Live, the patterns that pass our quality standards either as is or
revision, will be canonized. This means they will be folded into the larger alphabetic listing.
The Rebirth dev team reserves the option to hold back any patterns that do not meet our
quality standards at release time. Feedback for how to improve problematic patterns is
welcome during testing.

Patch details below are broken into listings to better help you orient yourself
to the new additions.

### Notation key: (S)-symmetric design, (L)-left hand design, (R)-right hand design

New For Chests:

- New Chest Tights Patterns:

  - Abstract 1 (L, R) (quasi 3-color pattern)
  - Abstract 2 (L, R) (quasi 3-color pattern)
  - Abstract 3 (S) (quasi 3-color pattern)
  - Angled Blend (L, R)
  - Arrows (L, R)
  - Back Blend (S)
  - Battery Powered (L, R)
  - Big Bolt (L, R)
  - Bustier (S)
  - Centurion (L, R)
  - Criss Cross (L, R)
  - Detonation (L, R)
  - Diagonal (L, R)
  - Diamonds 1 (L, R) (Rework of legacy pattern)
  - Diamonds 2 (L, R) (Rework of legacy pattern)
  - Dot Universe (L, R)
  - Fat Bolt (L, R)
  - Framed (L, R)
  - Freeem (L, R)
  - Half Angle (L, R)
  - Halter Top (S)
  - High Waistline (S)
  - High Waisted Split (S)
  - Lace Full (S)
  - Lace Sleeves (S)
  - Lace Torso (S)
  - Offset Intersection (L, R)
  - Off the Shoulder (L, R)
  - Pixelated (L, R)
  - Quadrants (L, R)
  - Racing Stripe (L, R)
  - Razor (L, R) (Rework of Derek Brown pattern)
  - Scattered Stars (L, R)
  - Sharp Shot (L, R)
  - Side Flar (L, R)
  - Sinister (L, R) (Rework of legacy pattern)
  - Snake Skin (L, R)
  - Space Station (L, R)
  - Split (S)
  - Stars & Stripes (L, R)
  - Starshot (L, R) (Rework of legacy pattern)
  - Stripe (L, R) (Rework of legacy pattern)
  - Sunset (S, L, R)
  - Sunshine (L, R)
  - Swirl (L, R)
  - Swoop (L, R)
  - Triangle (L, R)
  - Tricolore (L, R) (quasi 3-color pattern)
  - Tribal Teeth (S, L, R)
  - Spiderweb 2 (L, R)
  - Spiderweb 2 Bikini (L, R)
  - Spiderweb 2 Sheer (L, R)
  - Even Mix (50% blend of Color1 & Color2 for use with quasi 3-color patterns)

- New Chest Skin Options:

  - Labeaux (S) (legacy option unlocked)
  - Yakuza 1 (S) (legacy option unlocked)
  - Yakuza 2 (S) (legacy option unlocked)
  - Camille (S) (legacy option unlocked)
  - Bare Arm 1 (L, R)
  - Bare Arm 2 (L, R)
  - Bare Arm 3 (L, R)
  - Bustier (S) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)
  - Bustier Sleek (S) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)
  - Halter (S) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)
  - Halter Sleek (S) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)
  - Lace Arms (S, L, R)
  - Lace Full (S)
  - Lace Sleeves (S)
  - Lace Torso (S)
  - Side Keyholes (L, R)
  - Offset Bandeau (L, R)
  - Off The Shoulder (L, R)
  - One Arm Belly Tee (L, R)
  - One Arm Mesh (L, R)
  - Rifts (L, R)
  - Single Shoulder Halter (L, R) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)
  - Single Shoulder Halter Sleek (L, R) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)

- New Chest Boneset and Basic Geometry:

    Single Panel Tights. A more modest classic look for female characters
    with a gathered bust.

  - Features:

      - Full set of custom base textures corresponding to many classic favorites,
        carefully color and sheen matched to permit as much cross compatability
        as possible with wider costume library
      - Conforming graphic chest symbols
      - Full set of conforming 3d chest details

- Integrated Chest Tights:

    A new subsystem that takes advantage of compound textures. Similar to Issue 1's
    glove diversification, Integrated Tights opens a diversity of new mix and match

    The seven sub-selections of each Integrated Tights Option allows you to pick the
    sheen of and coloration of both the over garment and the undertights. You also select
    whether the over garment or undertights receive the pattern mask.

    The following Integrated Tights are found wherever you can customize your chest
    settings unless otherwise noted:

      - Bustier (S) (not available for Single Panel Tights)
      - Halter Top (S)
      - High Waistline (S) (no "with skin" option available)
      - Single Shoulder Halter Top (L, R)

### End New Chest Options ###

New For Hips:

- New Hip Patterns, General:

  - Abstract 1 (S, L, R) (quasi 3-color pattern)
  - Abstract 2 (L, R) (quasi 3-color pattern)
  - Abstract 3 (S) (quasi 3-color pattern)
  - Back Blend (S)
  - Battery Powered (L, R)
  - Big Bolt (L, R)
  - Centurion (L, R)
  - Diagonal (L, R)
  - Diagonal Treads (L, R)
  - Freeem (L, R)
  - Half Angle (L, R)
  - Leotard Briefs (S)
  - Quadrants (L, R)
  - Racing Stripe (L, R)
  - Retro Briefs (S)
  - Ribbons (S, L, R)
  - Scattered Stars (L, R)
  - Sharp Shot (L, R)
  - Sinister (L, R) (Rework of legacy pattern)
  - Split (S)
  - Stars & Stipes (L, R)
  - Stripe (L, R) (Rework of legacy pattern)
  - Sunset (L, R)
  - Sunshine (L, R)
  - Swirl (L, R)
  - Swoop (L, R)
  - Triangle (L, R)
  - Tricolore (L, R) (quasi 3-color pattern)
  - Spiderweb 2 (L, R)
  - Spiderweb 2 Brief (L, R)
  - Spiderweb 2 Sheer (L, R)
  - Torn Fishnest (L, R)
  - Even Mix (50% blend of Color1 & Color2 for use with quasi 3-color patterns)

- New Hip Patterns, Pants & Fabric Specific

  - Floral 1 (L) (quasi multi-color pattern)
  - Floral 2 (L)
  - Groovy (L) (quasi multi-color pattern)

- New Hip Skin Options:

  - Labeaux (S) (legacy option unlocked)
  - Labeaux Thong (S) (legacy option unlocked)
  - Fishnets Torn (L, R)
  - Bare Leg (L, R)
  - Diagonal Treads (L, R)
  - Lace (S, L, R)
  - Leotard Briefs (S) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)
  - Leotard Briefs Sleek (S) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)
  - Retro Briefs (S) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)
  - Retro Briefs Sleek (S) (Integrated, allows patterns on skin)
  - Ribbons (S, L, R)
  - Sheer Angles (S, L, R)
  - Side Keyholes (L, R)
  - Spiderweb 2 (L, R)
  - Spiderweb 2 Sheer (L, R)

- New Tights Base Option:

  - Metallic Pants (matches and blends into clubwear top)

- New Pants Options:

    The Pants boneset has been reworked with the following additional options,
    with particular attention given to the creation of full body catsuits via
    matching top and bottom materials:

  - New geometry: Bell Bottoms
  - Expanded library of base textures for Basic Pants, Tight Pants, Flared,
    Bell Bottoms, and Baggy. Includes:
      - Business (L) (converted from legacy Slacks category)
      - Pin Stripe (L) (converted from legacy Slacks category)
      - Tights (S) (matches legacy counterparts)
      - Tights Sleek (S) (matches legacy counterparts)
      - Defense (S) (matches legacy counterparts)
      - Bodysuit Leather (S) (matches legacy counterparts)
      - Patent Leather (S) (matches legacy counterparts)
      - Metallic Pants (S) (matches legacy counterparts)

- New Tucked In Options:

    The following new base textures from Jodhpurs have been applied to the Resistance
    geometry found in the Tucked In boneset:

      - Houndstooth (L, R)
      - Tight Military Style (S)
      - Tight Aeronaut (S)

- New Hip Boneset and Basic Geometry:

    Jodhpurs. A classic profile associated with golden age and pulp era

  - Boneset includes:

      - Three all new base textures:
          - Aeronaut (S)
          - Military (S)
          - Houndstooth (L, R)
      - Metallic pants base
      - Currently 34 other legacy bases for possible inclusion with release
        to Rebirth Live

- Integrated Hip Tights:

    A new subsystem that takes advantage of compound textures. Similar to Issue 1's
    glove diversification, Integrated Tights opens a diversity of new mix and match

    The seven sub-selections of each Integrated Tights Option allows you to pick the
    sheen of and coloration of both the over garment and the undertights. You also select
    whether the over garment or undertights receive the pattern mask.

    The following Integrated Tights are found in Bottoms, Bottoms with Skin,
    and Skirts / Shorts bonesets:

      - Leotard Briefs (S)
      - Retro Briefs (S)

### End New Chest Options ###

General Patch Notes:

  - Unlocked Dirty Clockwork option in chests, hips, and robotic arms

  - Fixed several instances where H2 Mummy base for hips or chest was not
    available in certain bonesets

  - Canonized several pattern masks.

    This means they will no longer be found at the end of the menu but instead
    can be found in their appropriate alphabetical spot in the main pattern
    listing for chest and hip parts.

    The following Derek Brown post-revival patterns have been canonized:

      - Chisel
      - Crosshair
      - Grid
      - Tech Shield
      - Trident
      - Widget

### End Female Asym Rollout Patchnotes ###

With the aid of the community, we will be hosting a set of incarnate trials on the PTS. They will be held on the 31st at the usual time these are ran at on Tuesdays (9 est, 8 cst, 6 pst).

Attendants will be able to claim not only every merit earned within the run of trials, but will be given bonus empyrean merits for their trouble. We require participants who wish for these rewards to fill out a form (for every character they play in the event of swapping) detailing the recipe drops they gained during these trials.

Thank you all again for your input!
- El Bee~

WST SCHEDULE 12/27/2021 - 01/23/2022
12/27: Sara Moore (40-50), Citadel (25-30), Lord Recluse (45-50), ITF (35-50)

01/03: Sutter (20-40), Penelope Yin (20-25), Silver Mantis (20-25), Tin Mage (50 w/ Alpha)

01/10: Justin Augustine (44-50), Numina (35-40), Mortimer Kal (20-40), LGTF (45-50)

01/17: Dr. Kahn (45-50), Positron (10-15/11-16), Renault (25-30), Apex (50 w/ Alpha)

We've been getting a lot of anecdotal feedback on the level of rewards present on test. In order to help us collate this into useful data, we've put together a form to catalog your feedback. This will help us gain a clearer picture of the testing community's response to these changes.

The form is here:
All who have already commented are encouraged to submit their input to the form.

Sometime within the next week or two, we will be assembling an incarnate trial test with rewards to your live accounts. Details to follow.

We thank you all again for your input and hope you will continue to provide it
- El Bee~

Patch Notes / TEST SERVER (PTS) July 28th 2021
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July 28th, 2021 PTS Patch Notes:

During our Spring 2021 State of the Game announcement, we listened to community about the challenging game grind and economic scarcity of salvage and recipes.  We are working to address this in several ways.  A common theme of the Economy and Grind Overhaul is to reward players for engaging in multiple styles and areas of gameplay.  This focuses on better rewarding players within a particular area of gameplay based on the theme, purpose, or specialization in that area of the game.  Though not a complete list, a good amount of which is listed below.

Merit Vendors:
A sneak preview was released back in the first game update after Rebirth Issue 1 (Ri1e1) where we significantly discounted many of the items in various merit vendors.  For Rebirth Issue 2 we are standardizing this discount at a 40% reduction from sunset costs across all merit vendors.  In most cases, this means even greater merit cost reductions, though a few costs were increased.  Expect the following in general:

All recipe prices in all rarities have received a 40% discount from their sunset costs.
On Live, Three stat and Four stat enhancing recipes were often the most expensive.  Their prices have been standardized under the lowest costing recipe in their set and received the same 40% discount.
Special or Proc recipes are now the only recipe worth more in a given set as previewed during Ri1e1.  Their prices from Live are discounted and approach a 40% discount most of the time.
This lowered the price of PvP recipes in the Empyrean Merit vendor.
We added both Very Rare (Purple) Recipes and PvP Recipes to the Reward Merit and Astral Merit Vendors.
Influence costs for recipes and enhancements received up to a 40% discount across all merit vendors.
We removed all attuned enhancement purchase lockouts from vendors that prevented players from buy more than 1 item every few days.
Drop Tables:
Increased drop pool chances for Very Rare recipes rolls from 1% to 3%.  Loot Boosters double the percent chances.  NOTE: Chances of drops have not increased, just the odds of the roll being Very Rare within those drops.
While exemplaring, level 50 characters receive a chance for level 50 recipe rewards for defeating enemies.
Removed 20-hour lockout from Enhancement Catalysts drops.
Reduced Temp power recipe drops reduced 10x.  Note: Does not affect Amplifier drops.

Endgame Content and Endgame Character Build Synergy: While completing endgame content we want players to also progress on their endgame character builds.  Therefore we have included features that enable players to more easily accomplish these goals at the same time.

Astral and Empyrean Merit Vendors:
Very Rare recipes receive a 4x bonus cost reduction.
All recipe lockout timers have been removed.

Incarnate Trials and Incarnate Content (Dark Astoria):
Endgame content receives a 4x bonus drop pool chance for Very Rare recipes rolls.  Loot Boosters double the percent chances.  NOTE: Chances of drops have not increased, just the odds of the roll being Very Rare within those drops.
Reward Choices for completing Incarnate content now offers a choice for a random Purple Recipe instead of Super Inspirations when receiving a Very Rare reward.

Master of Task Forces:
Successfully completing any Master of Task Force will reward 1 random Very Rare recipe.
(Future feature to add in a follow up commit:) You can only obtain this reward once every 20 hours for a given "Master of" completion.  NOTE: If you fail the "Master of" requirements but complete the task force you must still wait 20 hours before a successful completion will reward a Very Rare recipe.

Hamidon (The Hive):
The reward choice for defeating Hamidon has been increased from 1 to 3 random Hamidon enhancements.
The 24-hour reward lockout has been reduced to 30 minutes.

Seed of Hamidon (First Ward Zone Event):
Defeating Seed of Hamidon rewards 1 random Hamidon enhancements.

Added Gladiator Merits to PvPing.  Note: Gladiator Merits are not attached to a vendor yet.
Defeating a Player with Rep rewards 5 Gladiator Merits.
Defeating a player without rep has a chance to reward 1 Gladiator Merit.
In addition to defeating players, Gladiator Merits are now obtainable for completing the following PvP zone events:
-Bloody Bay:  Shivan Pet Reward - 7 Gladiator Merits
-Warburg:  Code Event Reward - 15 Gladiator Merits
-RV:  Hero/Villain Reach 1k Mech Pet Reward - 50 Gladiator Merits
Removed the PvP recipe lockout for defeating a player with rep.  Note: You cannot earn Rep from defeating the same player with 5-minutes.  This is how rep works.
PvP recipes received a 4x drop chance bonus for defaulting a player with Rep.
Loot Boosters double the chances that a PvP recipe could drop.

Super Inspirations have a very small chance to drop from Elite Bosses and Archvillains in Incarnate Content.
Dual Inspirations have a very small chance to drop from PvPing.
Team Inspirations have a chance to drop while Teaming.  The size and chance of these drops follow the game's natural progression/reward system.
Dual, Super, and Team Inspirations are now tradable.
Dual, Super, and Team Inspirations now last 60 seconds like all other Inspirations.
Added HotKey "C" to the Inspiration combine menu.

Attuned Enhancements:
Made all attuned enhancements tradable.  Previously only ATOs and Winter IOs were tradable.
Added icons to Winter IOs
Super Packs:
We've reworked Super Pack rewards a bit to serve better rewards and require less in-combat "email" management.
Very Rare Cards now have a chance to reward a Very Rare Attuned Enhancement.  This replaced the odds of a Very Rare rewarding another ATO.
ATOs have a much higher chance of rewarding in Rare cards.
Added BrainStorm Ideas cards.  They come in three varieties: common (20x), uncommon (40x), and rare (60x).
Inspirations Cards have been removed in favor of the new in-game inspiration drops.
Other reward cards (not listed above) that overlapped in rarity from common to very rare have been reworked in lower tiers to make room for the Rare/Very Rare odds improvement.  They should now appear in the common and uncommon card tiers in a more desirable pattern while appearing less to never in rare and very rare.  Noteworthy exclusions to this are Reward Merits, Experienced, XP Booster, and Catalysts.  These cards can appear in any rarity and were excluded from the change.
Added icons to the Winter Super Pack.

Architect Entertainment:
Increased AE Ticket cap from 9999 to 99999.

Conversion Sets:
Added conversion sets for Very Rare Attuned Enhancements.
Added conversion sets for Universal Damage Enhancements.

Bug Fixes:
Winter Super Pack Candy Canes now reward the correct amount. (5 per claim instead of 1)
Fixed a bug that caused some Elite Bosses recipe drops to have an 8% drop chance instead of 12%.

For some more transparency with the ATO cost changes.

Coming Soon

Gladiator Vendors will be added to PvP Zones and to Arenas

Alignment System/Alignment Merits:
For earning alignment-specific merits we want players be reward with unique power ups that virtually no other area of the game currently offers.  Here's what’s in store for them.

Hero & Villain Super Packs and Vigilante & Rogue Super Packs will be purchasable with Alignment Merits.
We're adding Vigilante and Rogue Alignment Merits and swapping those in places where they earned Reward Merits instead.  This goes for Hero and Villains too, where Reward Merits were initially given instead of their own alignment merits.
Hero and Villain Super Packs will cost 6 Hero/Villain Merits or 10 Rogue/Vigilante Merits.
Vigilante & Rogue Super Packs will cost 6 Vigilante/Rogue Merits or 10 Hero/Villain Merits.
Reduce the number of Alignment Tip missions to receive a Morality Tip mission from 10 to 5.
Remove any and all Alignment/Morality Tip lockout timers.
Note: These changes will allow much faster side-switching for players to join their friends or experience other content.  Consequently, we're returning the alignment vendor costs to their previous values, as we're halving the number of missions to earn these merits.

Announcements and Important News / WST Speed Leaderboards
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Hello runners! Are you ready to put your best feet forward, really fast? Were bringing back speed runs with the WST Speed Run Leaderboard!
Each month when we write the WST we will pick three targets: One Hero or TFC, one Villain, and one Co-op target and make these the Speed Targets.

At the start of the schedule, anyone who completes a run and takes a screenshot of the in game time and the Contact (click missions, click on the task, click More) is able to have it compared to the leaderboard. Record setters get 4000 architect tickets. Record breakers get 2000 tickets.

They do not need to be done on the week they are WST. They can be done outside of that week!

The Leaderboard will clear out every month. We are still keeping Overall Server Records. They are separate and can be broken out of season. Breaking an Overall Server Record nets your team 5 super packs or 2 paragon reward tokens regardless of if it is in season or not. Your Team Leader will choose one and the entire team will receive that.
Overall server records are being brought forward from our archive and are posted on our wiki at:

Current leaders, this whole post, and server records will be posted on our wiki at
Leaderboard and submissions are at:,37.0.html

Rules and details listed in announcement at:,38.0.html
or on Wikipedia at:

Our current Speed targets for April (05/03/2021 - 05/31/2021) are:
Penelope Yin (20-25), Silver Mantis (20-25), Apex (50 w/ Alphas)
Server records will be posted on our wiki at

-- Leader board --
Penelope Yin (20-25) 12:24 by Draggynn, Angel of False Hope, Dr K., Interstellar, Raging Dark, Skullduggery
Silver Mantis (20-25) 51:25 by: Tirsada D'Spite, Ternada D'Spite, Burn Master, Whooping Crane, Nuclear Breakdown, Master Dragon, Infernos
 Apex (50 w/ Alphas) 20:23 by: Draggynn, Tirsada D'Spite, Ternada D'Spite, Avalo, Perfect Synergy, Sgt. Stryker, Uproar, Agent Omega Seven

A few weeks ago we have stumbled upon a lead for the random map server crashing in the incarnate trials being held. Upon using a Costume Change in the trial, the entire map server crashed. This seemed to have worked consistently as it happened again on the following attempt. Attempts to reproduce the effect outside of populated trials had no results.

Thus we are calling an APB.
If you use a CC emote and the mapserver crashes following it, please report it here as soon as possible. We may ask for details (what does the costume change mainly) as we attempt to investigate this issue.

Thus far we have only had one other report of this occurrence so we cannot say for certain if this is the cause.

This has been the only cause to reproduce the effect however. More causes may yet still exist out there. As this is our only lead, it is getting attention. If you suspect any other specific action caused a map server crash, please do report it as well.

Thank you
- El Bee~

Calendar / WST Schedule (04/05/2021 - 05/03/2021)
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The WST schedule is written once a month and is determined randomly along 4 groups of strike targets: Hero task forces, Task Force Commander, Villain strike forces, and a rotating Co-Op task force. It will be posted here and in discord in announcements and pinned in the LFG channel.

Our current WST schedule is
WST SCHEDULE 04/05/2021 - 05/03/2021
04/05: Moonfire (23-28), Manticore (30-35), Renault (25-30), ITF (35-50)

04/12: Sara Moore (40-50), Synapse (15-20), Barracuda (45-50), LGTF (45-50)

04/19: Dr. Kahn (45-50), Positron (10-15/11-16), Tree of Thorns (44-50), Tin Mage (50 w/ Alphas)

04/26: Katie Hannon (30-34), Citadel (25-30), Virgil Tarikoss (15-20), Apex (50 w/ Alphas)

For transparencies sake, here is the table used to determine the targets. Each is given a 2 weeks cooldown and respec trials are all marked for cooldown upon one being made a target.

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