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WST SCHEDULE (05/20/2024 - 06/10/2024)

05/20: Faathim (44-50), Positron (10-15/11-16), Renault (25-30), Dr. Kahn (45-50)

05/27: Sutter (20-40), Citadel (25-30), Silver Mantis (20-25), LGTF (45-50)

06/03: Katie Hannon (30-34), Numina (35-40), Lord Recluse (45-50), Barracuda (45-50)

06/10: Terra Volta (24-33), Penelope Yin (20-25), Ice Mistral (35-40), ITF (35-50)

WST SCHEDULE (04/22/2024 - 05/13/2024)

04/22: Terra Volta (34-43), Citadel (25-30), Mortimer Kal (20-40), Ms. Liberty (45-50)

04/29: Eden (39-41), Synapse (15-20), Virgil Tarikoss (15-20), Barracuda (45-50)

05/06: Justin Augustine (44-50), Manticore (30-35), Tin Mage (50 w/ Alpha), LGTF (45-50)

05/13: Moonfire (23-28), Penelope Yin (20-25), Tree of Thorns (44-50), ITF (35-50)

WST SCHEDULE (03/25/2024 - 04/14/2024)

03/25: Apex (50 w/ Alpha), Manticore (30-35), Ice Mistral (35-40), Barracuda (45-50)

04/01: Faathim (44-50), Penelope Yin (20-25), Tree of Thorns (34-43), Dr. Kahn (45-50)

04/08: Sara Moore (40-50), Numina (35-40), Lord Recluse (45-50), ITF (35-50)

04/15: Hess (25-30), Positron (10-15/11-16), Silver Mantis (20-25), LGTF (45-50)

WST SCHEDULE (02/26/2024 - 03/24/2024)

02/26: Justin Augustine (44-50), Citadel (25-30), Virgil Tarikoss (15-20), Dr. Kahn (45-50)

03/04: Sutter (20-40), Positron (10-15/11-16), Ice Mistral (35-40), ITF (35-50)

03/11: Dr. Quarterfield (40-44), Penelope Yin (20-25), Tree of Thorns (44-50), LGTF (45-50)

03/18: Katie Hannon (30-34), Synapse (15-20), Renault (25-30), Ms. Liberty (45-50)

Announcements and Important News / Bilboard Contest Winners
« on: January 21, 2024, 11:03:38 pm »
We know you've been waiting and we thank you for your patience but the Billboard Contest has finally been decided! 

There were many great entries and we want to thank all who participated.  We are currently in the process of reaching out to the winners about handing out the rewards.  If you have not been contacted and see your entry on the announcement page please reach out here or on our Discord to the staff.

Overall winners can be seen here.

Full list for winners in all categories can be found here.

Patch Notes / PTS Patch Testing Notes - Jan 19, 2024
« on: January 19, 2024, 06:04:34 pm »
Testing notes:

-Ensure that all tiers of challenge task forces offer expected rewards both for leader and team member

-Ensure that the same reward cannot be chosen in succession due to time lockouts

-Confirm that timed lockouts on rewards clear when appropriate time has passed

-Confirm that reward choices persist when ending the task force, leaving the task force, zoning, talking to other contacts, anything else you can think of

-Confirm that you get the expected weekly bonuses from completing the TFs the first time

-Confirm that the preset female electron costume looks as expected with matching pattern on torso

*Note that for all TFs except Barracuda you need to be in the final mission when it completes to get the reward table

Live Bug Reporting / Re: Ninja run remaining on
« on: January 11, 2024, 08:47:41 pm »
Probably an issue in the code tracking power state, we'll look into it.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Hey Rebirth Players!  We're half-way through the Billboard Contest and we love your submissions.  Time is is flying by, but it isn't over.  There is still plenty of time to submit your art until December 30th.  It's your best opportunity yet to get your artwork into the game.

Check out all the details and prizes here:

Patch Notes / LIVE - December 3, 2023
« on: December 03, 2023, 10:05:52 pm »

Bug Fixes

    -Fix to booty shorts in player costume data crashing some maps

    -Fixes for teleport cursor targeting:
        Increasing teleport cursor draw distance to reflect increased range
        Update conditions that permit backtracking search to avoid red reticles.

   - Fixes issues with face scale sliders in character creator and tailor
        fixes issue where randomized or preset faces never converge causing sliders to constantly return to previous location
        fixes issue where differences incurred by rounding for scale sliders mean that faces never match presets

   - Internal fix for calloc arguments.  Should have no outwardly visible affect.

The Doctor Farm Tank

Live Bug Reporting / Re: Base Upkeep
« on: July 16, 2023, 09:39:11 pm »
We can get a GM to look at it.  We just had a discord support ticket just come in for the same issue, would this be for the same SG?

Off-topic / Re: Hardware upgrade ...
« on: June 16, 2023, 11:13:36 pm »
Writing up a guide to play the game on Mac has been my unicorn for a while now.  The problem I've run into time and again had to do with Apple dropping 32-bit support completely.  I'm hopeful that DX12 emulation would be the key to it all.  However I'm still keeping my eye out for any options as they become available.

Atlas = 1
Cim = 3
Midnigher club = 4
KingsRow = 5
Steel = 6
sky = 7
talos = 8
IP = 9
FF = 10
Bricks = 11
Perez = 12
boom = 13
crey = 15
abandonedsewernetwork = 18
terravolta =20
eden = 21
hive = 22
sewer = 23
Dont worry about it = 29
nova = 36
imperial = 37
neut = 38
nova ug = 39
imperial ug= 42
DA= 43
First ward = 49
neut ug = 51
night ward = 52
PI = 61
Hollows = 62
thetunnels = 63
zulu = 64
cascadearchipelago = 65
thechantry = 66
thestormpalace = 67
strigaisle = 69
mercy = 71
port oakes = 72
Cap = 73
shark = 74
nerva = 75
st martial = 76
grand = 77
"pvp"= 78, 79, 80, 81
croa = 82
The D = 83
faultline = 84
rwz = 85
abyss = 86
monster isle = 87
echoGalaxy = 626
Herocon? = 120 (disabled you can't get here, why did i put it here?)

Users > "username" > AppData > Local > Ouroboros > rebirth > VisitedMaps

All the files will have a specific structure to their name. 


The first # is the individual character DB id,  So if your character was the 3rd actual toon created on rebirth that number will be 3.  However expect that number to be significantly higher.  You will need to match that number up to the character you want to change somehow.

The second # is the static map ID (back end identifier for the zone maps).  Those map IDs are hardcoded and do not change. 

All you have to do is go in and delete the zone map VM file for the character you want to "reset" the map on.

Hey there,

This isn't really a big or long write up but wanted to post this in a semi-permenant way for the widest possible visibility.  Recently we pushed a patch to our client to separate out our graphics local caching folder.  Directly this will have no real noticeable performance improvement but will help longterm reliability.  Previously the client would use a hard coded location to locally store its shader caching information.  This location was shared among all the COX servers, like us, Thunderspy, ect.  The problem would be potential unintended "cross talk" causing interference if one server made changes that another server wasn't set up to handle.  You may play on multiple servers and one of them may suddenly appear broken through no fault of their own. 

There should be no real need for you to worry about this or make any changes.  I just wanted to bring this up for your general awareness.  As a side note this may mean all your zone maps have reset and need to be uncovered again (because that stuff is stored locally in the cache folder). 

We will be monitoring this to ensure it does not cause any issues for the players. 

Thank you

Patch Notes / PTS Patch Notes - Feb 13, 2023 TEST SERVER- Ri5
« on: February 13, 2023, 11:16:34 pm »
  • Timing changes in final cut-scene
  • Final fight transition effects adjustments
  • Psionic Nexus spawn timing adjustments
  • Objective wording adjustments
  • Float text for Rage side effects

  • Acrobatics: Jump height/speed no longer suppress in combat. Decreased the jumping speed scale.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players with Recall and not Blink to experience issues teleporting foes.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Recall not to teleport players in PvP.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Recall to not alter the mob when teleporting them.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Team Teleport to fail when activating Teleport outside of Team Teleport's range. Consequently, Team Teleport's range has been increased
  • Fixed a bug that caused Blink not to break Hide and not to alert the mob when hit them.
  • Starfall no longer accepts Defense IO sets.
  • Starfall now accepts Kheldian ATOs.
  • Flight protection in Quantum Acceleration adjusted
  • Updated the power description for Blink, Blink Blitz, and Extinguish Light
  • Long Range Teleport and Shadow Slip no longer indicate that they take basic enhancements (because they don't have slots).
  • Further tuning on the movement buff duration on Jump Kick to prevent residual movement buff after casting.
  • Blink, Blink Blitz, and Extinguish Light now accept Universal Damage IO sets.
  • Blink, Blink Blitz, and Extinguish Light now deal the correct PvP damage.
  • Fixed missing immobilize resistance on Weave.
  • Jaunt no longer roots, so you can teleport fluidly while running
  • Adrenal Booster now grants Adrenaline. Adrenaline causes Jaunt to instantly recharge while under its affect.
  • Teleport has been given a movement upgrade. If you have any travel power on, or Hover, Teleport's movement restrictions and flight will be negated. These effects also apply to Shadow Step while in human form

Dev note regarding movement control power changes:
We heard the requests wanting a permanent source of extra movement control and friction in both Fly and Super Jump. We also heard the requests wishing for no extra movement control and friction in those powers. We thought about how best to offer such an option. We also considered, one way or the other, what affects this would have on future content down the road beyond anything we've revealed.

After much thinking, we decided there could be a way to have some extra movement control and/or none at all. We've added extra Movement Control and Movement Friction to Acrobatics, Aerobatics (taken back from Afterburner), and Solar Glide (taken back from Quantum Acceleration). Aerobatics and Solar Glide's movement control/friction can stack with Fly and Energy Flight. Acrobatics movement control/friction can stack with Super Jump. Null the Gull has discovered how to suppress extra movement control/friction effects in Acrobatics, Aerobatics, and Solar Glide--he thinks.

Thanks to the detailed feedback from our testers we were able to identify specific places where the new fly poses were misbehaving and ironed them out. Please keep up the good work.

  • Bugfix applied to correct issue causing crash when trying to load into the SG colors screen.
  • Add more Abbreviated slash commands, Full list can be found here:,2330.0.html
  • Null the Gull bug preventing him from being able to hide travel power pop up trays fixed
  • Former Mayor Devito has been officially removed from the cities pension fund.

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